Monday, October 7, 2013

Time for a little fun

As you know, our past two weeks has been less than stellar.  Many, many medical issues have come up with our kids and honestly came all at once for some reason.  Put it this way, I'm sure I've bought at least a boat for our family practice in co-pays alone.  So, that being said, we needed a little fun in the sun.  It was a gorgeous day here Saturday and there was a carnival happening.  Tiny one put on by a local church but it was outside, wasn't that far away, and there was something for them to do.  We took most of our kids and then 4 of a friend's kids b/c she was in the process of moving.  And off in Big Bird we went. 

This will not seem like a big deal to outsiders but locals know the closing of the Cornwallis bridge was a royal pain in the you know what.  This is our main way out.  When closed, it was quite the chore to go around  your elbow to get to your knee.  They opened it the day we left for the carnival.  Was a sight for sore eyes to be sure.  

Our Summer enjoying a snow cone.  Her name tag is on upside down.  This may seem cute to you all but it's not any more.  She has shown major, major disconnects and not getting any better.  I'llhave an update on her soon.  It's hard at times to watch b/c you just want to help her and know you can't.  Just working on ways to work around that missing part of the brain.

Reni is growing up so stinking fast!  

Nik and Logan played football pretty much the whole time.

Summer and Alex(had a regular goal for big kids) played basketball the whole time.

Even had games that required no skill.  Hey, we loved those!  This one was a lollipop tree.

Everyone wrapping up and getting ready to go home.

Girls were thrilled when I told them we'd use those coupons right after this.

Summer and her dinosaur mask.  She kept roaring though.  LOL.  Loudly.

This was after we got them all McFlurries.  Buy one get one free coupons helped.  Think Summer was beyond happy?  And before you say anything, no her seatbelt didn't stay like that and Nik did buckle up.  You have to always check after Summer and Nik.  Always.  

We all had a really good time for a few hours.  It was simple but sometimes simple fun is what we all need.  Just was a beautiful day and a beautiful time had by all that went.  Happy we went.

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