Sunday, October 27, 2013

Such an awesome time!-- Camping, day 1

We made it to the campgrounds early Friday afternoon.  Perfect timing.  Of course, we had to stop off and get Sir Pizza to take tot he campgrounds.  It was super chilly out so awesome to have hot pizza to eat. 

Got to the grounds & set up.  Though not sure here if Yana and Reni are really setting anything up.

Reni getting the pumpkins ready.

Pizza break.  2 large cheese and two large beef.  Yum!

Sofie relaxing eating pizza till the fire gets started.  Can you tell she's tired?

Nik on the ripstick and Alex playing basketball.  This was the only time there was an empty court.  They had fun playing w/ friends the whole time.  Lots of groups going on.

Alyona, Reni and Irina going to check things out.  

People decorated their sites.  Sofie was fearless and actually laughed at the spider jumping out at her.  Me, I was chicken.  RV sites all over had stuff set up.  Really cool.

After seeing everyone's sites, we were ready for something hot back at ours.  With a chocolate twist of course.  S'mores!  House guest kept signing more chocolate of course.  Love the skewers my brother and his family bought us.  They are really handy.

See our little pumpkins set up in the background?  Nik w/ a treat Irina bought him at t he store.

Yana and Alyona getting the marshmallows nice and goey.

After that, the young girls came inside from the cold to color some.  They love it.  Was way too chilly for showers that evening so all of us decided to wait till morning.  Smart call.  It was cold!

Some of the older kids were hanging out elsewhere and some of us were watching movies back inside.  We knew the next day would be very, very busy.  Had fun the first night.  Tent was nice and toasty w/ our heater.  Woke up the next morning to frost and hot apple cider I made them.  More to come on our weekend get away. 

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