Friday, October 25, 2013

On the Road Again

We are on the road again (or will be shortly) and can't wait.  We are taking a trip this weekend to another part of the state to just relax and enjoy a family campground.  Kids are beyond thrilled.  They have fishing, bounce pillow, playground, basketball, etc.  In addition, since it's a Halloween weekend, they'll have pumpkin carving, costume contests, RV site contests, trick or treating, a DJ Dance party, and so much more.  BTW, kids are ready to trick or treat at 146 RV sites.  LOL.  They know exactly what that means.  Piles and piles of candy. 

We have procrastinated.  True Boyd fashion sadly.  But, we'll pull it off and be on our way soon enough.  Since such a short trip, kids will do fine packing.  Not worried a bit.  It's going to be absolutely perfect fall weather to camp.  50's in the day, 30's at night.  We've already packed the important cocoa and apple cider.  As usual, we will be for the most part technology free on this trip.  Though all the campgrounds have wifi now.  Sofie, Summer and House guest all packed their backpacks.  Though Sofie was a little miffed that I took out the tambourine.  Sorry, too close of quarters to be packing a tambourine kid.  Nik's about to lose his mind over the trick or treating.  Seriously, this should be a relaxing and fun weekend.  Lots going on in the upcoming weeks so want to take time to enjoy this. 

More to come when we return on Sunday.  Hopefully, some really cool pictures as well!  Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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