Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mark one off that Fall Bucket List

Actually, the first item was easy to knock off.  If you missed it, our Fall Bucket List we made is here.  We came up with 12 items we'd like to complete by winter time.  Completed one item list today just because it is yummy.  So, loaded them up in Big Bird.  See, we had worked on much organizing and clutter clearing today in the house.  Yana painted the coffee table.  Look in those magazines you get folks.  Lowes is always giving free paint samples. Enough to paint a coffee table and tv stand. Makes it look new again. 

Ignore the mop bucket and other stuff.  Even managed to get about the same color.  It's awesome b/c it looks brand spanking new w/ no kid marks on it!  Love it.  No stains or anything.  Going to put a second coat on tomorrow.  

Anyhow, got a lot done and felt we all deserved a quick break. Wanted to go to Pullen Park but it was raining so maybe next time.  That's on our bucket list as well.  This week I'll attempt a new fall meal.  Or, what I just may consider a new meal. 

Alex and Logan.  Hadn't told them where we were going yet so they were less than thrilled.  This is the typical 13yo boy look you know.  My friends and I talk about this look all...the....time.  Eventually, it goes away about age 15.  Just a little FYI in case you are getting these same looks.

Donut making watching by a few of the kids.  Always cool to see at any age.  I used to make donuts at 5am YEARS ago while in college.  Not for Krispy Kreme but still the same concept.

Cool box now.  Really neat Halloween donuts as well.

No, those aren't all his donut holes.  Little One is still watching the donuts.  But, once the donuts were on the table, the Littles were all over those donuts.  They thought those were better than the snap peas we had for snack earlier.  LOL.  Warren made shrimp stir fry when we got home.  Hey, sometimes you just have to have dessert first. 

Irina, Alyona and Reni.  Think they're enjoying that donut?

Summer in between her brothers.  Creamy goodness inside to be sure!

Time to make the donuts!  This store is really cool b/c they are always making donuts.  Kids love watching the process.  

Alyona here smiling again.  Why today?  Because we found out today there is NO INFECTION!!!  Wahoo!!!   Does mean there is a small CSF leak but truly hoping the wound will heal itself and self-correct the leak. We'll know next week for sure if we have to do surgery again before the big scoliosis surgery.  For now, celebrating good news. 

More to come.  Just wanted to share a little of our day.  Lots of planning happening around here lately and just trying to get things done.  I went through Summer's clothes today and shoes.  No wonder she had so much trouble in the mornings.  Too much to choose from and shoes that weren't even fitting right.  See, with orphanage kids you really  have to watch.  They will NOT tell you when things get too small or don't fit right.  Every one of my kids has done this.  So now I check w/ season changes b/c that's just a good reminder.  Got rid of flip flops and such.  New sneakers she didn't even know she had in there.  Summer is set for clothing, slippers, pj's, etc.  She is good to go w/ a much better organized closet.  My next project is the Littles and their wardrobe.  Got all their pull ups in one place today and told them when they are gone, they are gone forever.  They are working on potty training but definitely not quite there yet.  Little One was not happy when I told her that those were going away.  That's the goal anyhow.  We'll see.  As for future adoptive parents out there, you must realize to take the kids at their pace.   Summer was not trained until 5 years old.  Some kids simply take longer than others and that's okay.  Though I must admit, the days of diapers gone will be a welcome sight to be sure.  

Oh, must tell you all something.  Nik came to me on Friday here at the computer.  He said "Mom, that type."  He was pointing to the keyboard and what I was doing!  I didn't even know he knew the word.  This is huge!!!  He's talking!  forming more and more sentences.  He told me he was going to teach his sisters to talk.  And he actually tries to read to them on the couch.  I'm just so happy he is trying to talk and wants to talk.  His therapist noticed a huge difference this week.  See, when he went back to school, he started to regress.  We changed the IEP and made the decision to take away the interpreter.  Yes, risky move but apparently, the right move and it's working!  Keep you posted on progress.  Okay, we're watching Gilligan's Island tonight.  Trying out Amazon Prime for a month free.  Kind of like Netflix.  Seeing the difference between the two.  We don't have cable so like this option.  Have a great week.  More tomorrow. 

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  1. Glad to hear about Nik talking more! That kid has a lot going on inside that is bound to come out when he is ready.