Monday, October 7, 2013

Manic Monday

Never dull here at Chaos Manor, that's for sure.  Thought I'd give a quick run down of a little of what's happening this week.

  • Disappointed in two boys around here for showing a church!
  • Babysitting today
  • Going to be a rainy day
  • Alyona has post op this week
  • speech therapies this week
  • volunteering at a church this week
  • Max may or may not start PT this week
  • Yana has 2 more cross country meets
  • Waiting for a piece of paper from the clerk of court (hoping this week)
  • Trying to get all our October plans lined up
  • Organized this weekend
  • Nik starts his new IEP stuff this week 
  • Determined to catch up on posts and pictures this week
  • Alyona's back got infected at the surgical site.  On antibiotics 
  • Warren's parents came to see the kids this past weekend
  • Little One's birthday is this week and dying to share a picture of her
  • Need to sort out Max's schooling
  • Alyona is getting back to school work this week
  • Meeting w/ Yana's coaches today
  • Slowly changing eating habits
There really is way more than this but during the day, eyes are fixed to three toddlers wondering around.  Not on a computer.  So, I'm off to making play dough now.   Enjoy your week.  More picture posts to come to make up for the last two weeks.  Promise the camera isn't dead.  LOL. 

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