Monday, October 28, 2013

Manic Monday

Busy week ahead but aren't they all?  Here goes:

  • Speech therapy this week
  • Art class this week
  • selling stuff around the house (aka...clearing clutter)
  • kids had a blast at the campgrounds and requested we go back
  • RV needs maintenance
  • Sofie has an MRI this week
  • Halloween this week
  • May go to Marbles Museum tomorrow
  • Trying to readjust some kids' attitudes lately (teens)
  • Behind on blog
  • Broom broke yet again and I REFUSE to buy a new one till payday.  Seriously, they break at least 1 to 2 brooms every single month.  Getting tired of the broom situation.  Suggestions welcomed.  Think they're doing it on purpose to try to get out of sweeping.  LOL.
  • Max built a chair
  • Wicked sinus headache today
  • Going to Summer's party this week
  • Bojan has a band thing Friday night
  • Yana was cleared to re-enter activities again via doc (from passing out at meet incident)
  • Trying to schedule everything the next few months
  • Have plans for the weekend but kind of want a break so we'll see
  • Sorting everyone's clothes this week so it looks just plain bad in here.  I know it's a process but hate it every year.  
  • Max is working this week
  • Irina is still at her job
  • Yana wants to find a job
  • House guest broke a glass today.  Understand, we have glasses broken by various kids almost every single day here.  Hence, why there is so much plastic in this house now.  LOL.  
  • Looking forward to cooler weather soon
  • Need to cancel some Shriners appointments.  Alyona's surgery will be at Duke.  We are on a timeline and just can't wait.
  • Someone hacked our bank account.  New cards issued, bank caught mistakes.  Thank you SECU!  
And much, much more.  Busy week but we've had so much fun the last two weeks, makes sense we need a catch up week of things to do.   Many more posts but like I said, been sorting piles of clothes so must get back to that.  Irina, Yana, Reni, Alyona have gone through their stuff.  I finished up Summer's the other day. Working on the two youngest girls now and then I tackle the monster mess upstairs called...the boys' room.  Their idea of clean and mine are two totally separate things.  Determined they get on the same page.  More later.

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