Monday, October 21, 2013

Manic Monday

busy week is an understatement.  But, we'll get through it just like the other weeks.  We were so lucky last week was kind of a lazy week.  Well, shouldn't say lazy.  I'll just say not as packed.

  • Alyona has scoliosis appt. today
  • Surgery will be forthcoming
  • Appt. for neurosurgery cancelled for tomorrow
  • CSF leak has healed itself...wahoo!!!
  • Need to catch up more on Alyona's schooling
  • Nik is talking more
  • Max needs new glasses
  • Alyona needs new glasses
  • new insurance plan came out for us 
  • Need to order more Advantix for dogs
  • Speech therapy this week
  • Sofie getting evaluated soon & starting speech
  • Wish we had more hours inthe day
  • Art class tomorrow
  • Summer's first field trip was today to pumpkin patch
  • Watching a friend's kids this week
  • Going camping this weekend
  • Need to make Halloween costumes
  • Wish there were candy gift certificates.  
  • They'll be a couple hundred children trick or treating at the RV park...yikes!
  • Almost done w/ apples
  • Summer needs shots
  • Making Sofie's MRI appointment
  • Still going through kids' clothes
  • Need to write thank yous
  • Thinking of Thanksgiving
  • Ready to pull kids out of public school
  • Have an IEP meeting for Max
And as usual, lots more going on.  Kids are really excited about the upcoming trip and so are we.  Seriously can't wait.  Enjoy your week folks.  Many posts forthcoming.  Just today sort of threw us for a loop. We knew it was coming but Christmas time is hard enough w/ out surgical stuff happening.  But, she needs this to be well.  Just means I need to get more organized.

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