Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's A Process-- We get to walk!

This is the last installment of Bojan getting his lower leg prosthetic.  He had gotten surgery on July 30th and got his new leg last Friday, October 4th.  Gives you an idea of time frame.  roughly, a little over two months time.

Bojan is definitely ready.  Can you see the smile on his face?

Camouflage leg.  He's snapping it into place.  Works differently than his aka leg.

Our prosthetist explaining everything he needs to do and not do for that matter.

Alex helping him up for the first time.  Got to remember, first time he's been up on that leg in over two months.  Feels very different.

Bojan learning to get his balance right and testing it out for the first time.

He was nervous and excited at the same time that day.

Explaining all the components and what is going to happen over the next few days.  How the leg may turn purple and red.  It did.  How there may be water blisters.  There were but NOT bad this go around.  How long it should be worn on and off and things of that nature.  I will say this, our guy was astounding he got up and walked that same day.  He said most of his bilateral amputees do not.  More than that, he got this on a Friday.  That Monday, he was walking without the crutches though we've been making him use the crutches at school.  Not too bad.  Bojan did say he was determined to walk.  Well, he did.  He is finally not in pain. And I am not referring to this surgery.  I'm referring to all the years in pain spent before the surgery.  I can say for certain, Bojan is very pleased with his choice to amputate the other leg.  And, so are we. 

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  1. Bojan is an amazing young man! I'm so happy that the worst of the pain is behind him and wish him the very best. I believe with his determination, he is destined for a very bright future. Good job, Bojan!!...and you too, Stephanie & Warren for your total support of him (as well as the rest of your children). God bless the Boyd family.