Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's a Process-- Part 2

See, I am slowly but surely getting caught up on things to post as well as a few pictures.  Today is Saturday and perfect day to do that.  We cleaned a bunch this morning.  Warren took Max & Logan to pick up some bookcases and a dresser that someone is giving us since they were moving.  Will come in very handy in the boys' room.  Hoping to get trash hauled off this afternoon as well as Bojan's wheelchair returned.  Wahoo!!!  Few of the girls spent the night elsewhere last night w/ friends.  One already came home, other two will be home shortly.  I will probably head to the doc.  Don't you wish you could call in your own script when  you know what it is?  Sinus/ ear infection and now moving in my chest.  Time for antibiotics to clear this mess up.  You know when you try to fight it off for  a few days.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.   So my turn.  Probably take Summer w/ me as she's due some shots that they were out of the other day.  Think this evening we're going to sing to Little One and have another attempt at that dog cake.  Yes, it will be road kill I'm sure by the time I'm done with it.  Cake Boss would be ever so disappointed in me.  After that, think we'll all just kick back, pop some popcorn, watch a movie and relax. 

Back to the process of Bojan's leg.  After they molded for the liner, they got the check socket.  The casting was such a good one, this time we did not need to take another mold after the liner was done.  They went ahead and made the check socket.  This was fantastic!  Since our prosthetist is building a new office soon, for now, making some house calls instead of us going in.  Must say, wish we could do that in the future.  But, don't mind going for a good fit and someone that meets Bojan's needs. 

Bojan trying on the new liner for the first time.

Lotioning up so that the liner goes on easier.  Alex is working on homework while watching.

This is the check socket.  It's made to see if it is a good fit or not or if adjustments need to be made.

After getting all the socks and liners on, the check socket goes on.

Not ready yet.  Notice the huge gap at the bottom?  His leg has to get all the way to the bottom.

Requires lots and lots of pushing down.  Hard at first b/c it has been months since he has used this leg.  Remember, it's waking back up.

While trying to get it to fit, the boys have an idea.  to get the air out and maybe make it fit easier.  All else fails, bring on out the power tools.  LOL.  They went out back to drill the hole.

Definitely helped a bit more and Bojan pushed some more to get it in.

Lotioning up yet again.  This is a process to stop and start and try different methods to get the best fit possible w/ the socket.

Bojan for one last trial before he left.  Little One used this busy time as the perfect opportunity to seize 3 chocolate chip cookies.  This process did not take long and the fit was determined to be perfect!  Next step is making the final socket and putting all the parts together.  It's about the same as his other leg which has a knee.  This one of course does not since amputation was below knee.  Next part is his final fitting and actual socket. 

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