Monday, October 7, 2013

Incident on the bus

Okay, so you all know I'm not a real big fan of the public schools here, right?  Schools know it too so truly no big secret.  Well, today it was taken to a whole other level.  I honestly still can't believe it.  Really.  Just cutting and pasting the gist of it from what I wrote on Facebook earlier.  Here goes:

OMG! What is wrong w/ people?! Bojan just got off the bus & told me what transpired this morning on the bus. Lady insisted he was to go back on the special needs bus. Told him "well, we don't give any special treatment here." He said "well, I don't need any." She then announced to the entire bus that they would have to come early to the bus stop b/c Bojan was too slow. BTW, Alex and Logan help him up on the bus. He sits down and it's fine. She said she'd have to find another seat for him and on and on and on. The stuff she said and the way it was said was totally uncalled for! Other kids who KNOW him said does she think you're stupid man? The afternoon bus driver...NO PROBLEMS whatsoever w/Bojan. He sat w/ two other kids and no one complained. Warren is going to the school in the morning. I think if I went I'd be arrested for not shutting my mouth. BTW, this is not all of what was said. Totally, totally uncalled for. And no, he needs maybe one extra minute to enter the bus but that's it! He is out of the wheelchair. Has been for a long time. Just got his second leg but learning to walk on it so uses crutches. Puts the crutches in the seat behind him. No one has a problem w/ any of this. Just the morning bus driver! Anyone ever encounter such an issue?? In addition, the other special needs bus driver was never informed about the transfer. Bojan gave her the paper work. If you see smoke coming from my ears, you'll know why.

I just don't think this was handled the right way.  Considering there was nothing wrong whatsoever to begin with.  Truly, I was glad if this happened to any of my kids it was Bojan.  Hear me out.  Bojan is very outgoing, comedian type, let's things slide off of him type of guy.  Some of my other kids would have been hurt beyond belief and would have melted down right then and there.  See, the only issue Bojan has is his physical ones.  Kid is as sharp as a tack.  I even said "why didn't you give her one of your typical sarcastic responses?"  He said Mom, that would have been a bad idea.   Bojan said he was not offended.  I said I don't care if you were or weren't.  The point was that was rude and unnecessary.  Should have never ever happened.  Warren will be going to the school first thing in the morning.  I told you all, it is way more stressful for me to send them to school than it is to homeschool them.  What ever happened to decent people any more?  I will let you all know tomorrow what the school says about it all.  Anyone have similar experiences they care to share and how you handled it?

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  1. Wow, I'm a school bus driver, I've done both regular ed and special ed., and that is outrageous that a driver would say those things at all, much less publicly in front of him and the other kids. I hope they transfer her to another route and she definitely deserves a reprimand for that.