Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Little One!

Today one of my little girls turns four years old.  So very hard to believe.  Truly is.  I can tell you she has added so much life and joy to our family.  Little One is full of spunk.  She's our little firecracker.  You can't be tired around her, she won't let you!  She is our fun-loving, egg hating, baby loving, dog loving, compassionate, sneaky, always on the go, deep belly laughter, cuddler, mommy's girl type of kid.  We love her to pieces!  Truly, we do.  Though she'll test limits, she is just too sweet to let that last long.  That laughter is infectious!  She loves her siblings with a deep kind of love.  As I was upstairs typing this, she plopped herself on the couch next to Alex.  He puts his arm around her and she just cuddles up.  Hey, it's a rarity to have a teen cuddle up to a little sister so I'll take it! But, it is her personality.  She's a great hugger though will tease you in a heartbeat.  Little One is just the type that adds personality to an otherwise dull room.  She simply lights it up.  She loves unconditionally and with passion.  When she squeezes you, you'll know it.  LOL.  Though I know I usually show pics, I obviously am not quite yet.  Just know there was so much joy on her little face when she opened her first birthday box.  From a family who I can honestly say loves her as much as we do. 

Little One got a Leap Frog talking dog.  She absolutely LOVES it!  Carries it everywhere and sleeps with it.  Makes music and reads stories.  She also got a little doll.  Here is Nik and Reni helping take it out to give to her.

Here is Little One explaining to Yana what all she got in that box.  Yana was getting ready to deliver the cross country fundraiser items.  Oh, if you're wondering, Nik is wearing his "wings."  He made the Littles all wings as well as Summer.  They ran around the house like little fairies flying.  

Anyhow, Little One enjoyed everyone saying Happy Birthday to her today that stopped by.  She liked the cake.  We're having another cake tomorrow along w/ some folks coming over.  I know she is getting more boxes that are coming in the mail.  She will be thrilled.  Next birthday is Summer in December.  December 19th.  Nice to have a short break in between b-days.  In January, we have 4 of us w/ birthdays.  

Overall, nice day. Tomorrow is Saturday.  Getting things done.  Next weekend all the kids are going to the day camp at Camp Woodbine for a day of activities, horses, archery, games, food, etc.  Sure we'll have a blast.  My older kids are instead going to Winterpast Farms to help out with my friend.  They're helping with a petting zoo.  So, some nice things going on here and there.  Just finally feel we can put a little of the medical whoop la behind us.  We go through those stretches every once in awhile.  Makes you appreciate things more when they are over.  I know this will be a changing year in more ways than one.  Have to remember, I have older kids that are quickly turning into young adults.  They are looking at colleges.  Colleges people!  We all worked hard to get them there and they worked the hardest.  We are trying to embrace the changes coming but naturally, we wouldn't mind if time slowed down a bit more.  So, enjoy your kids and do things together.  Well, need to get going.  Swore I'd get organized this weekend.  3 of my kids are spending the night w/ friends.  Another is hanging out till around 10 or so.  Much more quieter than usual.  Little Ones have all gone to bed.  More to come this weekend.  We have a weekend w/ NO plans.  Well, except picking up a dresser and some bookcases.  Have a wonderful weekend folks. 

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