Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Farm Fun

The other day after Camp Woodbine (working on that post), we went to our friend's farm.  Winterpast Farm if anyone in the area is interested.  Awesome place and VERY kid friendly.

When you go, you go through the gate.  Farm information is on there.  Not sure if you can read the picture on the $10 fee part but in parenthesis, there is the part where adopted children get in free.  Farmer Mary's kids, well, 2 of them are adopted as well.  2 of her kids spent the quite a few years w/ our Yana and Alex  That's how we all met years ago.  I encourage locals to go.  Not b/c I personally know her but this isn't like other petting zoos where you just look behind the cages.  Nope.  This is ALL hands on and she's an awesome teacher.  My kids have always learned something new every time they came.

Summer petting a donkey.  There are donkeys, emus, llamas, goats, chickens, rabbits, peacocks, ducks, guineas, guinea pigs, dogs, pigs, and much, much more.

Nik and several other kids love the tire swing.

Bojan and Irina with the llama.

Logan and Reni are not so sure of that llama.  Really wondering about their exposure to animals in Bulgaria. They are the only kids of mine that are not too keen on animals.

Nik and the rabbit.  They can hold anything in the cages.

 Summer enjoying her guinea pig time.

Sofie had her turn too of course.  A big thanks to my friend Kelly for those boots.  They sure did come in handy at the farm!

Sofie and Alyona having some fun swinging.

Can't go anywhere w/out something interesting happening.  During pushing Nik and House guest on the tire swing, it came back and knocked out his knee.  You know, the one w/ the torn ACL.

Not sure what Yana is doing here.  LOL.  But, they were all playing basketball.

Reni enjoying feeding the rabbit.

Irina I think had a good time as well.  The farm was after Camp Woodbine.  Those pics are next.

 Farmer Mary was explaining about the animals.  Here's she's taking a picture of them.  They all really and truly enjoyed their trip to the farm.  My kids love going. So much to do.  More pics to come from that day.  Camp Woodbine is next.

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