Friday, October 11, 2013

Colors and Cake Fail

yes, much to catch up on.  But, kids come first here so blog gets neglected from time to time.  And that is perfectly fine.  This week has been somewhat gloomy out.  So, had to find activities to do inside as Alyona really is not supposed to do a whole lot yet.  The other day Little One received her first birthday present for the year.  And well, you know kids and a box. 

My two youngest in the box.  Well, tearing up the box to color it.  They wanted to make it a boat.  Had I known it would have been this entertaining and occupying, I would have saved all my boxes!  They were proud of their work when done.  This was the first chilly day and both girls refused to put their hoods down.  Cracked me up. they looked like little elves all day long.  LOL.  

Today, it was more gloomy out and ground saturated.  So, stayed in and Alyona & I decided it was finger paint time for the little ones.  Learned lesson from last time so shirts came off this time.  It was washable finger paint but still better safe than sorry.  

Finger paint it was.  In the kitchen.  Yeh, for wipe off floors.

Alyona even got in on the action.  The Littles' sheets were actually drying in the dining room at this time.  You can see the plates.  They were FULL of paint.  Yes, they used every last drop.  Hey, Picasso may be in their future.  Either that or working for Glidden.  But, nice little activity while the yard dries from the rain and we're stuck for the week at home.  Next week is full of activities, parks, pumpkin patches, etc. so probably good to slow it down this week.

And now for the epic fail cake.  Okay, so I used to work in a bakery and decorate cakes years ago.  years.  Typically, I can make a fairly decent cake.  Well, most definitely not this time!   Little One's birthday is today.  More on that next post.  But, she requested a dog bowl cake.  My original plan was a round cake, slant the edges, ice and put 'dog food'(aka Reece's Puff cereal) on top.  Name on dog bowl.  Well, Thanks to one of my daughters for putting away dishes, never did find that round cake pan.  So, decided to use square.  It should look about the same w/ same concept, right?  Wrong.  So wrong.  They have really and truly laughed more with this cake today than anything else.

A side view.  I even gave up smoothing out the sides.  Was pointless.  But, for a 4yo, this is heaven.  Purple cake w/ chocolate cereal on it.  I have to look at it that way.  She is not in it for the art of it all.  Little One is simply in it for the joy of her birthday and people loving her.  Plain and simple.  We're actually celebrating more tomorrow than today.  I have started to make a dog cake this go around.  However, by hte end, it may be unrecognizable and look like roadkill.  Yet my little 4yo will have the biggest smile on her face b/c her mommy made her a cake.  Don't have to be perfect to be a parent.  Thank goodness that is not a requirement.  My now 4yo would not know the difference between a Martha Stewart cake and mine.  Though, everyone else would.  Not a big deal.  I loved every part.  Her laughing as I get the bowl out.  Jumping up and down as the mixer is going around.  Squealing w/ delight as I let her lick the batter.  To see her face when the purple icing came out.  All of it.  The cake may look horrible, but guarantee you, it brought some serious joy this go around.

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