Monday, October 28, 2013

Camping-- Day 2 Pumpkin Carving!

Day two we woke up and had pancakes for breakfast.  Was great till I realized I forgot to pack the syrup.  Happens.  Store price wasn't actually that bad.  After breakfast, kids got to carving some pumpkins while I took the younger ones to the play area. 

Some trying to think of what to make.  Oh, the pot in the middle is chili.  No room in fridge but outside it was 30 during the night.  Perfect!  Big family, relatively "small" RV all things considered.  

More came to try and put their input in on the three pumpkins we had to carve up.

Nik just wanted to ride the ripstick again.

Reni was proud of her creation.  She was going w/ a Shrek kind of look.

Boys were having a much more harder time deciding and coming back w/ different designs on paper each and every time.  We said pick something already.

Max stepped in and did more of a Monster's Inc. looking thing w/ a twist.  While making pumpkins, gave them all some hot apple cider.  Hit the spot for sure!

Bojan and Logan.  Typically, enemies at home, buddies during camping.  Go figure.  Actually, over the last few months, they've been accepting of each other.  Got to remember, this is the teen years folks.  Bojan is 14 and Logan 13.  Both strong-willed.  Nice to see the cooperation instead of the competition.  Other parents of teens I'm sure get what I'm saying.

Irina, my clean freak kiddo, decides to do a vomit pumpkin.  Go figure.

Clearly, we didn't know our competition!  LOL.  Adults can compete too.  Can you guess the winner?

Another view of the pumpkins.  You can tell some used the cut outs and some were originals.

All very cool though to be sure.  Fun to look at.  Great ideas for next year.

The camper on the end took 2nd place.  Really cute!

Warren and Logan headed back.  Had to get some lunch and get ready for the next phase of events.  Tried to get little ones to take a nap but was only successful w/ Sofie.  Made the others watch a movie. Brother Bear.  Just to keep them still as I knew the next several hours would be exhausting for them.  And us!  LOL.  Day two will continue in pictures.  But, kiddos up from a nap so time to get back to work.

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  1. I think Irina's vomit pumpkin is really creative, in a gross kind of way.