Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bouncing and baking

I know I have much to catch up on.  I will.  Bit by bit.  This past week we've been busy.  Plus, I was under the weather. Now, much, much better.  So, time to catch up on a few things.  The other day, Alyona and I took the toddlers to the bounce house. 

Alyona was a great sport even if she wasn't allowed to jump.  No rough playing for a few more months.  

To a little kid, this is like climbing a huge mountain.  But, they were fearless.  Kept going down.  I went up one time w/ each of them.  That is a lot of work.  LOL.  

Sofie on her way down.  

Sofie and Alyona goofing off.

And this is a sign it's getting time to go home.  Batteries are running down.  Little Guy was the same way.  

Not sure what Alyona was doing here.  We all had a great time and this place is literally around the corner from our house.  Was nice to get out and great when they play w/ all the other kids too.  After this, we headed home and had some lunch. 

Recently, we were given a few boxes of apples.  4 big boxes to be exact.  That's a lot of apples folks.  However, you have to think about how many we eat in a day.  around 30 apples a day if we put a small limit on the # people can have.  So, they do go very fast in this house.

Bojan was one of the peelers and corers.  We'd cook two crockpots at a time. 48 apples for both pots.  

Start of it. It boils down so, so much.  But the applesauce is so tasty.  Kids have just eaten it up!  

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