Friday, October 11, 2013

Blessings Abound!

Lately, we have been very blessed and haven't even had the chance to tell them thank you.  Many friends stepped up to help us when Alyona was in the hospital and Warren was here w/ all the kids.  They cooked meals, came to watch the kids, take the kids to the park, deliver meals to the hospital and countless other things.  Just tonight, a local church gave us some leftover chicken from a BBQ.  Kids loved it and want to know what kind of sauce they used.  We're also blessed by others caring about our kids.  The other day we got a box in the mail from a friend. 

This box had clothes in it for Reni and Alyona.  On the bottom however, was hidden Nik's b-day present.  I thought he'd lose his mind.  Here is one of the shots.  But his prized posession is an electric angry bird toothbrush.  Yep.  he has not stopped brushing his teeth.  our dentist will be so proud.  Thank you Ms. Katherine!  

Tearing it open to take a peek inside.

All checking out just what this game is.

Nik and Reni enjoying a game of Angry Birds.  He's so excited he wants to take it to school next week.

A box arrived all the way from Alaska!  Dogs were disappointed it was not filled w/ dog treats.  It's funny b/c they literally sniff every box.

This box was filled to the brim with little girl clothes!  It was from a dear friend of mind from high school if you can believe it.  Yes, we're both that old.  LOL.  Miss our German days and fun times.  We both grew up and she also has a family with some little girls.  Just warmed my heart for her to think of us.  Considering I have a few little fashionistas, this helps out immensely.  Thank you Kelly!

There are just so many people who think of our family.  It just amazes me.  Melts my heart knowing people care about our family and our kids.  I still have Nik's and Yana's b-day posts to put up.  Hey, I'm getting there.  

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  1. Maria picked out the yellow toothbrush....figured it was close to his favorite color, orange.