Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another Alyona Update-- post op

Today was post op at Duke Neurosurgery.  It did not go well.  You know we took her in this past Saturday b/c we thought the wound looked infected.  The doc took out 3CC's of fluid from her back and put her on 10 day antibiotics.  Well, our surgeon was NOT at all happy about someone sticking a needle in her back.  They are culturing the fluid.  IF it turns out to be an infection, the doc may have done more harm than good by sticking the needle in.  Pushing the infection further up the spine.  Not good.  However, our surgeon does not think it is infected.  He does think there is a small Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) leak.  Believe me, it is the lesser of hte two evils at this point in time.  She goes back on the 22nd of this month.  If it is CSF, we are looking at another surgery.  Not what we wanted to hear.  BTW, her scoliosis eval is the 21st.  Surgeon was also not happy the discharge papers said return to normal activity.  She is now to lay still again as much as possible.  Today, she went to a friend's house to watch some math videos and work on math.  Another day this week, she'll be making some hats w/ them while laying down.  This is so hard not knowing.  Really is.  Hard keeping a kid still.  Really is.  To let you know just how serious a situation is, we were given a direct fax # not the office one.  He wants lab results ASAP.  As in as soon as they are in to fax them on over.  I can't say I'm not nervous.  I can say I feel she's in good hands.  We thought we were doing the right thing by taking her to our regular office.  Shoot, we've done it many times before w/ kids after surgeries and never had an issue.  I know it is not our fault.  I do.  But as a parent, you can't help but think that at times.  The surgeon is not happy w/ the one who stuck a needle in her and that is understandable.  After that needle and fluid was out though, she was so perky and said it didn't hurt any more.  Now, back to hurting and more fluid in there.  Surgeon did not take any of her fluid out today.  And if you'd look at her, you wouldn't know anything was wrong.  Same attitude about doing school work and all. 

I have more posts but as you can imagine, been hectic.  in addition, totally forgot about tomorrow's IEP for Alex.  Thankfully, it's a quick one.  Little One's b-day is Friday.  She is so excited.  Ready to have some cake and ice cream for sure!  Just wanted to give an update on Alyona.  Please think of her the next few weeks. 

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