Friday, October 4, 2013

Alyona, post op

Since the surgery happenings and recovery is what has been keeping me a little side tracked lately, thought I'd start out with that stuff.  Alyona was released from the hospital last Saturday.  She had a terrible, terrible rash.  We are guessing from the taping of hte surgical pad.  thisis a little (VERY little mind you) of what was left of it a few days out.

When it was bad, it covered her whole back w/ red streaks down the side.  Is nuts when the itching hurts worse than the actual surgery itself.  She was a trooper though.  

Alyona put on a bathing suit for me so I could see her back.  That and it wouldn't itch so badly b/c nothing would be covering the rash then.  You can see here how she leans.  This was post- op.  The tethered cord did not address the scoliosis but sometimes, the cord surgery will help the scoliosis a little.

Poor kid can't even stand up straight.  It's now nearly impossible to.  This will be the next big issue to address.  Talked to several nurses while at Duke.  It's a long surgery.  She also said most are in there for a week!  I think we may go insane by a week.  Her scoliosis eval at Duke is Oct. 21st.  Her eval at Shriners is Dec. 3rd but they said they will be moving that up for sure.  

Alyona is still having headaches after surgery but not as frequent which is great.  It's the cerebral fluid trying to balance out I'm told.  Very happy the surgery went well.  ONly thing we have now is a swollen incision site. That just started.  Yesterday.  All in all though, she is healing and that's what counts.  Now, we wait for the scoliosis surgery.  

Got to go.  Taking the kids to a little carnival type thing tomorrow.  Busy day but hopefully a little fun thrown in there for good measure.  Enjoy your weekend.  more posts for sure.  Lots of catching up to do.  I won't be silent for long so watch out. 

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