Monday, October 7, 2013

A Fresh Start

Okay, a few things have been going on here lately.  Some I've told you about and some I haven't.  For awhile now, I've been wanting to get back into shape.  So, with a friend's help (& her nutritionist guiding her), we're doing one thing different each week and step by step.  Sounds simple and easy and for the most part, really is.  First week, I made sure I took my vitamins.  I'd been slacking.  Did that and found the second week it was second nature.  Next, made sure I had plenty of water each and every day.  Was pretty decent at this before but now, really on top of it.  And again, no issues doing it consecutive weeks b/c it becomes second nature.  So, had the vitamins water down pat.  Next, I added making sure I had fruits and veggies every single day.  Again, wasn't too bad at this one before but notice I'd catch myself thinking more about it.  Making simple choices such as last night when we had salad and homemade pizza.  All the pizza I made we put assorted peppers on and onions.  It's the little things that will help.  This week, my goal is to go to bed by 11:30.  I have been going to bed at 1am or later every night.  It's taking it's toll.  I always want to finish stuff up but this is not healthy.  So, that's the goal this week. 

Now, not only me is going to make a change.  Need to make a few changes for the kids but not due to diet. Their changes in eating is more due to frustration w/ the schools and impulse control.  I used to buy granola bars, fruit snacks, etc.  Easy to pack stuff that apparently wasn't all that filling but was good.  Good enough for them to steal it from the house or pack extra and then I'd run out.  Selfish and I called them on it.  Decided you can't handle this, it's all gone.  Maybe, just maybe, the fresh stuff will fill you up better.  Plus, so sick and tired of wasted food coming home from school or school telling me I have to have a separate snack for Summer.  Anyhow, said when we go for groceries again, we're getting ALL fresh fruit and veggies.  BTW, my kids LOVE fruit.  Always been limiting though as it is so much more expensive than some of the other stuff.  We have fruit everyday, always have. But, would love for them to eat more fresh stuff. So the other day we went to Sam's Club.  Had to remind myself no box stuff or such.  Wanted us to try something new too.

Came across these things and thought why not?  We love kiwi, love berries, why not try.  This box was small, and not very tall.  It's not like one of those Sam's grapes boxes.  No, this was flat.   At $4, not a bargain whatsoever but it was more for the try something new bit.  They taste a little like kiwi and grapes combined.  We all agreed an odd flavor.  Some were way more tart than others.  Consensus?  No, not buying again.  

This is one of our fridges.  Top part.  We have milk, cheese, yogurt, lemons, grapes, carrots, eggs, squash, salad mixes, green beans,etc.  Not really any 'junk' to grab.  My kids btw, will eat those grapes in one sitting.  

If you are wondering if we will do this again?  Would LOVE too!  Financially, not sure we can.  The dramatic difference in cost was realized at the register.  Those who say it doesn't cost more to eat healthy are lying.  I think for us though, it is sheer quantity.  And no, don't assume we eat like garbage normally.  That's not it.  But I wanted it to get all healthy w/ exceptions for parties or special times.  Plus, majority of my kids really do love fruits and vegetables.  It's an experiment for the month to see how it goes.  

Okay, kids just came home.  Alex and Reni both said Mom, I couldn't eat everything.  That sandwich and apple really filled me up!  Those apples were gigantic and I just couldn't eat any more.  Ahh, just what I wanted to hear. Normally, they'd come home and eat an entire other meal before dinner.  It really was busting the budget. So maybe, maybe in the long run the initial cost will pay off?  Don't know.  Really am keeping a cost journal on this experiment.  But, very, very pleased the kids came home full, ready to work on homework and not tired or hungry.  Going to try a f ew other things as well.  Let you know how it turned out at the end of October.  You know, candy time.

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