Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tired, talent and tube out

Today is Tuesday and has been a rather hectic day.  We had art class here this morning and Alyona finished her painting.  Can't wait to show it.  On the camera still.  This is the class that Nik truly misses.  He actually asks about painting still like he used to do in homeschool.  Well, right after class, I was feeding the Littles lunch and the phone rings.  My friend is here so I'm sure she could visibly see the anger on my face growing.  LOL.  School was calling.  Never good when they call you.  Keep in mind, we had a 1pm appt. time.  Needed to get little kids ready and go.  They wanted me to go pick up Nik.  Why?  Because he had bug bites.  Yes, you read that correctly folks...bug bites.  Interpreter said she couldn't get him to stop itching.  I find this surprising b/c later on, Reni (who's IN the same class as Nik) told me he wasn't itching at all in class.  Hmm.  I gave him benedryl yesterday and lotioned him up.  But, not much you can do for skeeter bites folks.  Sorry.  Nik is one of those people who easily welt up and look terrible.  Seriously, he looked like some NIH experiment gone bad.  Picture is actually in the camera b/c Nik wanted to see.  Legally, they can not make me come and get him b/c he has no fever but after a bit of back and forth you could easily tell by tone they wanted me to pick him up.  So, kind friend she is went to get him.  Forgot to inform her it's grandparents' day and parking lot would be packed.  I get a call from her later asking where to park.  Nik retrieval accomplished and he was very happy to be home. 

Nik in tow and Warren home now, we go to get Little One's g-tube taken out.  Very easy to do and she was so happy.  Nik was fascinated by it all of course.  Doc was great.  No issues thus far and shouldn't be any to come b/c it's already closed up.  Amazing really that it happens so quickly...the hole closing.  After tube was out, came home and then left again for bank for notarizing of docs.  That done so treated the little ones to Wendy's Frosties.  Yum!  The junior ones...small ones.  Nik must have thought he hit the jackpot.  LOL.  Came home and no time for court house.  Speech therapist came so worked w/ Nik.  Alyona, Reni, Summer and Little One left to watch a friend play soccer.  Still cleaning up from last night.  I was wondering if it was a full moon and sure enough, think I saw one. 

Last night.  Kids were wide awake.  Not sure if this was the day the talented trio painted nails or what.

Summer decided to paint the Littles' nails with dark blue nail polish.  Then, house guest decided she should paint the floor.  It does come off which is nice.

Anyhow, last night kids were wide awake.  Went in and saw little bloody hands.  Then Little One covers her face so I knew that was the guilty one.  We look around and glass is everywhere.  how just ONE light bulb from a lamp can shatter into so many tiny shards of glass, I'll never know.  Removed little ones and cleaned them up.  blood definitely looked way more than what it was.  Just tiny scratches.  We swept, vacuumed and swept vacuumed again.  And again.  Now, to top it off, I had emptied and sorted the entire wardrobe all over the floor that day.  So ALL of those had to be shaken and washed.  Simply insane for one light that was messed around with and knocked over.  Hence the name Chaos Manor.  Even at 9:30 at night. 

Needless to say, we're all very tired.  

Alex is still getting used to middle school schedule.  Lots of things going on at once around here as usual.  So, trying to get things done one by one.  Make plans.  We have many fun things planned in October.  But, first must get through September and all the happenings now.  Bit by bit, we will. 

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