Thursday, September 26, 2013

Surgery results

I have been dating Facebook but thought I'd write  a quick note here as well. My days and nights are blending together so please bear with me.   Duke Childrens Hospital is where surgery was. Surgery day was Wednesday. We were running late and Yana missed the bus. Got here and checked in. Alyona clearly nervous. Staff was amazing. Truly are. Doc came out. Best news ever was not having to go through the bone to fix the cord. They were able to go through a ligament net instead. Much better for healing. Went to recovery. For the second time that day, we heard a doc chew out the nurses. Truly, could have been handled more discreetly. Anyhow, finally got a room only to leave right away to a different room. Warren left to go home.

Nurses tried to get vomiting under control. Took some time. Was a long night. Alyona and I did not sleep at all. Today, we've been on pain management. She has had to lay still and not move for two days. At one point today nurse and I had a scare with her complaining of top chart pain at the base of her skull. Morphine given and team paged. After awhile, figured out it was positioning. Huge relief.

Therapy dog came by tonight and she enjoyed that. She also really enjoyed the gifts today. Friends from warren's work gave her candy. Her and I agreed a piece after every meal till we leave. Thank you Karen and Susan!  Then, alyona got a bouquet of balloons with candy bars!  Also, a gift cert to the gift shop.   Nurse and I are using that as sit up leverage tomorrow. LOL. Thank you so very much Ms. Heather. We've gotten a few calls as well which does help distract her. Room 5329 if you want to call.

Warren brought the littles today. I was so happy to see my babies. Missed them. Unfortunately, they are way too attached to me so both Little One and Houseguest moaned and wailed while calling out for Mom. I'm sure warren had to have been monitored by security at that point. Think about it, two kids crying out for mom at a hospital. They liked seeing alyona and the art lady let them draw pics for  her.

Much more. It's hard to type on this thing. It's very hard being here. On top of things, appears warren is getting sick so energy gone. I haven't slept and neither has he. Hard. Thankful for great friends helping with the girls. If anyone wants to make get well cards for alyona, please feel free. It does help. Recovery will be tough. We'll get there day by day. Much more on lots of stuff. Plan is to come home Saturday. Write more then

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  1. Good to hear she is healing. Get well soon Warren. Stephanie-- you stay well!