Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Neurosurgery tomorrow for Alyona

Can't type long as need to pack for the hospital stay.  Make this quick.  Don't know when I'll be posting again.  Alyona's tethered cord surgery is tomorrow at Duke.  It is a 2 hour surgery.  Need to be there at 7am meaning leaving here around 5:30 or so am.  Shoot me now!  Traffic is killer at that time so that's why the early start.  If there are any neuro trauma patients, we would get bumped and it's an extra few hours.  Hoping not.  After surgery, she will spend 4 days in the hospital.  First two days are completely still flat on her back.  3rd day, Friday, she is to get up to a seated position.  4th day, Saturday she is to stand so that we can go home.  That is the current plan.  Pray it stays that way.  Historically, Alyona has not had luck w/ surgeries.  However, one of the top 9 neurosurgeons in the country is performing hers so we're in good hands.  After a month out, we are to report to ortho to then re-evaluate the scoliosis issue.  That will require a different surgery. 

I will be staying with Alyona at the hospital as Warren stayed with Bojan for the amputation.  3 different friends of mine will be in and out the next few days to help with the kids.  Some generous folks are bringing meals on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  That is a huge relief.  Tomorrow, Max will be making hamburgers on the grill.  have the meat thawing now.  Little One should be fine.  We do feel it will be most traumatic and difficult for House guest.  Though Warren will be here, her routine will be off and I will be gone.  The plan is if it gets too hard on her, I will come home and Warren will go back to the hospital with Alyona.  This is also very hard on the other kids as well.  Even with me here last time, it was difficult.  That's why this time I said I'd recruit help.  I knew how hard it was last time.  Right now, it's almost quarter to midnight and Warren is at Walmart trying to get food supplies for the next few days.  We have gone non-stop today.  Pre-op, Bojan's check socket fitting, calls galore to medical places, forgot to order Irina's meds, etc.  Just tons to do.  But, eventually it gets done.  I will post on FB mostly the next few days but try to do a post here.  Thanks for all the well wishes for Alyona. 


  1. Hoping all goes well and wishing for a quick recovery.

  2. Wishing a smooth surgery and recovery for Alyona, and energy for you all!