Monday, September 23, 2013

Manic Monday

Phew, is that title ever an understatement!  Here's the gist of it all:

  • Alyona gets neurosurgery this week
  • Alyona goes to pre-op on Tuesday
  • social worker comes on Monday for 3 PPR's
  • house is a mess
  • was a lazy weekend
  • kids enjoy AWANAS now
  • Little One had her PPR done
  • need to pick up court papers this week
  • art class is on Tuesday
  • need to order meds
  • medical expenses are stretching my budget LOL
  • Yana turned 18yo yesterday
  • Alyona is nervous
  • sold a few things laying around the house
  • cleared some clutter
  • Max seems to have fixed the dishwasher...wahoo!!!
  • never did make any meals for while I'm gone
  • need to pack for hospital
  • IEP meeting for Logan on Thursday
  • 3 different friends coming to help Warren watch the kids here and there during the day
  • be at the hospital most of this week.  Duke Children's in Durham
  • dreading this surgery for Alyona
  • kids get off early for school on Friday
  • Yana's cross country meet on Wednesday
  • tons going on
  • Little One is doing fine w/ g-tube out
  • I still hate potty training
  • decided that the 3 younger girls can be the Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 & Thing 2 for Halloween
  • making plans for October
  • drop off Nik's eye forms for school
  • Bojan gets the check socket for his new leg on Tuesday
  • Got addicted to Candy Crush.  Curse you!
  • Had a realtor visit yesterday.  Discussing what will happen next.
And way too many other things to name.  Going to be a long week.  i know that.  We'll take it day by day for that's all we can do.  More posts later this evening.  Social worker coming soon.  Played w/ the little ones this morning but need to get Alyona cracking on some school work before she goes into the hospital.  Hey, we have today and we're going to use it.  Want to finish Yana's b-day post for yesterday.  Have a great week everyone.  Ours is going to be a whopper.  Thank goodness all weeks are not the same. 

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