Monday, September 16, 2013

Manic Monday

Really, where did the weekend go?!  It is truly Monday and I'm catching up on posts as usual.  I have one napping right now and another eating a late lunch.  Alyona is working on her spelling and journal.  After that, we'll do some math review together.  I know after her hospital stay, she'll be out of work for a week so in regards to school.  Want to get her doing a bit more this week to make up for that time in the future.  But, don't want to push it too much either.  So, quick bits for Monday:

  • Digby & Alaska still itch free thanks to Advantix
  • Alaska got out of hte choke chain today and had an outing all over the neighborhood
  • Social worker came today for Little One's PPR and also court visits for papers
  • Little One gets the g-tube out tomorrow.  She's beyond ecstatic and keeps reminding me
  • Both girls look terrible.  The mosquitoes have literally chewed them alive.  We've put bug spray, treat bites, etc.  Just looks horrible.  Summer looks the same as well.
  • Summer is much more delayed than any of our other children.  Separate post on that.
  • Trying to get Summer services in school.  Being evaluated.
  • Nik is struggling in school and hates it.  Rules that lack common sense have prevented him from going into self contained until testing further completed despite clear history & things in place previously.
  • Not liking public school, especially core cirriculum.
  • I really think homeschooling them was best.  
  • Alyona is hating school work.  She thinks homeschool should be sleeping in late & watching tv.  Ha!  Nope.  She knows better than that.  LOL.  Plus, know she'll be out of school for 2 weeks just to recover.  So, trying to get her a bit further along before surgery.
  • Art class is tomorrow.
  • Speech therapy all week.
  • FASD Support Group meeting this week.
  • Have a post brewing about whole rehoming saga that NBC did.  Oy!
  • Got a ton of organizing done this past weekend.
  • Trying to sell some things we have laying around the house.  (clearing the clutter!)
  • Too much to organize before surgery.
  • Need freezer meal ideas.
  • IEP planned for Logan for next week.  
  • Evals happening for Nik and Summer
  • Yana is enjoying ROTC
  • Dishwasher broken...again
  • Glad to have 2 fridges back again
  • One kid dating (shoot me now!)
  • Open House for elementary tomorrow
  • Going to file papers at court house tomorrow
  • Yana's b-day is this weekend
So, much, much more happening around here.  More to come.  Lots of things left to do this evening.  enjoy your night and I'll be back.  LOL.  

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  1. Along with 2 fridges, you should have 2 dishwashers. Makes it so much easier with a large family. Also,here is a website for freezer crockpot meals, although you and I would have to at least double ingredients for our sized families!