Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Manic Monday

Ha!  I know it's Tuesday but it was a long weekend so what the heck.  Here goes nothing.

  • Summer has her first day of Kindy tomorrow
  • Cancelled Summer's doc appt. for her to go to school
  • Irina went for regular check up today
  • Irina has work this week
  • Need to go shopping
  • MAJOR appliance issues as of late
  • Fridge #2 is about to go 
  • BTW, none of said appliances are all that old but all just out of stupid warranty reach
  • Yana's b-day is this month
  • Nothing on tap for the weekend
  • Enjoyed our Labor Day Weekend
  • Advantix worked awesome for our dogs itching
  • Need to clear the clutter some more
  • Painting inside of RV this week and tearing out the bed
  • Going to junk yard for van seats for RV (we outgrew our seating arrangement and want everyone in seatbelts at all times)
  • Cleaning RV this week
  • Tons of laundry from trip
  • Alyona is in severe pain, giving motrin
  • Alyona's appt. is 9/11 & hoping for a few more answers
  • Need to write request for Summer's IEP
  • IEP team working on getting Nik the FM system he needs
  • Still waiting to hear about Nik's new implants from insurance company
  • Yana needs a physical for cross country
  • Bojan wants to join jazz band too
  • Buses for elementary are super duper late and causing us to miss speech therapy
  • Starting homeschool with Alyona this week
  • Hoping we don't have to cancel all our upcoming events due to Alyona's surgeries
  • Now need to go to our optometrist b/c of school nurse's eye exam (had they read the file, they'd understand this is the best his eyes will ever be)
  • Going to Jordan Lake, an international festival, wildlife festival and FASD Symposium
  • Max's graduation is in jeopardy
  • Going to be a very, very busy semester
  • Need to do project w/ Summer already...URGHH!!! don't these teachers get I don't have pics just laying around?  My kids ruin them.  Bojan thought I could just print them off the computer.  He has none for his project for tomorrow.  
  • I'm tired of FASD meltdowns lately
  • Doing lots of paper work  
  • Ordered a canvas print of Little One tonight (love the free specials even w/ shipping costs)
  • Dogs need a bath
  •  Have many blog posts to catch up on
  • wanting and needing to get back in shape
  • Waiting for Alex and Logan to start school.  Waiting on their schedules.
Yep, we're busy.  School is going okay.  Teams are on top of things but some things are just really getting on my nerves as of late in regards to public school.  I want my kids to learn.  At this point, I'm not sure they will.  Middle School has me highly concerned.  MOre on that later.  Need some shut eye.  Enjoy your week and stay tuned for more pictures.

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