Sunday, September 15, 2013

Last Day at the Lake

Yesterday, was Saturday.  We went to Jordan Lake.  Not far from where we live and not expensive.  Just $6 to park and stay all day.  Has sand like a beach, picnic tables to eat at, lots of shade, etc.  Pleasant weather.  In the 70's!  Gorgeous day to be sure.  Many went with us.  Yana was at Campbell University for an ROTC event, Bojan was at a pig picking w/ a friend and their family, and Max was at home doing geometry.  The rest of us though went.  Had a great time.  Again, weather was simply perfect.

Alyona and Irina.  Irina relaxing before she went on a 1.5 mile hike w/ friends.

Warren pushing Nik on the swings.

Nik and Summer on the tire swing.  Well, not really a real tire.  LOL.

Just look how gorgeous it was that day!  Carolina blue skies.  Love it.

I love that my kids were sharing w/ others.  Summer is on w/ two other girls.  Nik was pushing.

Nik, Summer, Little One and House guest all got on at once while Warren pushed them.  I wished I would have recorded them b/c they were laughing their tails off.  Just having lots of fun.

Summer, thinking about a jump.

Nik could seriously live in the water.  He's like me in that respect.  I LOVE water.  Love it.

I know you can't see her yet, but I just couldn't share this.  I was yelling at them to hurry up and turn around & see this.  Loved it.  Summer was helping Little One put on her shoes.  They loved these shoes.  Found a stride rite place that went out of business.  Guessed sizes for summer and got them dead on.  LOL.  Guess after 12 kids you can guess the rate their feet will grow.  

They begged me for one last dip in the water.  I obliged.

This is one of my favorites.  Summer and Little One.  I know her backside is dirty from falling in the sand but still cute.  They just didn't want to leave.  they all knew this was the last swim of the year and I think that's why.

 Nik walking ahead of Dad and House guest.  Again, look at that sky!  It was just a really pleasant day.  Met some great folks and had wonderful food.  Who could ask for more.  We enjoyed our last bit of summer time. Soaked it all in to be sure.  Kids had a good time and we headed home.  Everyone slept on the way home.  Loved it.  Had pork chops for dinner and then all of us watched Lilo & Stitch.  

Today, we stayed home and cleaned all day.  Got organized too and felt good to do it.  Kids went to AWANAS at church this evening and had a good time.  I'm getting ready to go downstairs and finish some things up.  Many more posts to come.  I have been in a lot of shoulder pain lately.  Pulled both shoulders and can't lift them much.  Typing hurts so I've been sporadic on here.  Happened a few days ago.  And no idea how to be honest.  Symmetrical pain so something I lifted and guarantee it was 3 little ones.  So, time for some heat and rest and Candy Crush.  I finally tried that game everyone was talking about.  Now I know why I stayed away from it for so long.  And I'm only on level 39.  LOL.  More posts but again, I truly do hurt so need to rest this arm a bit more. 

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