Saturday, September 7, 2013

Just A Day

This will be a boring post.  Figured I never really do a boring day post so why not.  Today we woke up semi late and had egg, ham and bagel sandwiches for breakfast.  After, Warren and 2 of the boys hauled off trash.  This was after it was discovered some critter from the woods had torn open piles of garbage bags and diaper genie bags.  Yeh, won't even get into what that took to clean up.  The rest of us stayed home and truly cleaned the house.  Like scrub cleaned it.  Needed to be done.  Everything, clean, swept, mopped, washed, etc.  Everything.  Then, Reni and & Alex went to watch friends play in a soccer game.  Some stayed home.  Warren and I took the 3 youngest girls to a special needs fair for resources.  I was rather disappointed in it.  Most was geared to one county (Wake) and a lot was geared toward autism.  Was hoping there'd be a broader range of things.  But, still not bad and did get info on a few things so who knows.  Plus, made a contact for a friend of mine for her business. 

After that, we headed to the bread outlet.  Not sure they have these in every place across the US but SO happy we have one here.  Instead of paying $3.00 a loaf for bread, I paid .20 a loaf today. It's Natures Own brand and we love it.  In addition, they carry Tastycakes there.  Enough said.  LOL.  Instead of $4.00 or $3.50 a box as at Walmart, it is $1.50 a box.  Little Ones know we get them  when we go so they were picking them out.  And after just having cleaned out the van, we let them eat cupcakes in there.  They all looked hideous and asked for the wipes. 

Headed to Walgreens to pick up a script and CVS to finally pick up pictures that I had no unearthly idea that I ordered.  Seriously.  They were from deaf camp in 2007!  Umm yeh, I don't get that one either but hey, $2,84, we took them home.  Went to pick up Reni and Alex and head home.  Only to discover once again the lack of food issue.  See, you know both fridges decided to really go out at the same time.  Repair man has been here and it will be a few days for hte parts to come in.  Meantime, we're using the one fridge by packing it w/ ice packs, etc. to keep it cold.  Got to love it.  So, we haven 't wanted to buy food till our fridges are fixed b/c we don't want to throw it out.  Freezer outside works fine but that's a subzero.  Decided on dinner.  Fish.  Fish had gone bad.  Threw it out.  Lovely.  Time to go to Walmart.  Made a list. Headed out.

Get to Walmart. Oh, list is at home on ipad Nik is playing on.  Lovely.  Don't carry the mop head replacements we need so buy a whole new mop other things.  Decided to make beef stroganoff for dinner.  Kids ended up throwing extras in the cart.  Hit some clearance items so kids were psyched at water gun purchases.  Hey, 5 for $1.  2 big ones for $1.  Can't beat it.  Went to check out.  Stood in line forever.  No kidding.  I think it was 25 minutes or so in check out.  Ridiculous.  We were all glad we decided to change little kids into diapers before we left for errands.  Best choice is all we'll say about that.  Still potty training.  They're doing okay.  Just will take time.  Came home, ate, decided on menu once fridges are fixed and Littles put themselves to bed they were so exhausted. 

Tomorrow, Yana has to get physical (cross country), Little One weighed in (for g-tube removal), and house guest a haircut.  After, big Sam's shopping trip but may hold off b/c still no fridges (URGHH!!!).  But, can at least get dry stuff.  Later, going to a park w/ a friend hopefully and enjoy the day. 

So, pretty boring day thank goodness.  Every once in awhile, having just a day is nice.  I know this coming week will be filled to the brim and we'll be hearing more about Alyona's upcoming surgery.  Taking the time to enjoy this weekend has just been pleasant.  Plus, it's our only free weekend in September.  Next weekend, at Jordan Lake, following at an FASD Symposium, following at a wildlife festival and international festival.  Hence, why I welcomed this laid back weekend of boring errands.  Even the dogs kicked back.  Hope you all had a pleasant Saturday as well.

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