Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's a Process

Getting a new prosthetic leg is indeed a process.  After the amputation, we have to allow ample time to heal so we get a good fit.  That was done.  So, an appointment was made and this time, he came to the house!  This was awesome on many levels.  Thought I'd take a couple shots.  Had many more but Little One kept standing in them.  She's another photo hog we have in the family.

Mr. Frank and Bojan obviously go way back and can joke around quite a bit.

Alyona just being Alyona.

Bojan getting ready to get casted.  This will be the casting for the liner that will be made.

Not a whole lot of steps involved in this process.

Messy process but gets the job done.  You could tell the stump was still sensitive but healed.

Kids watching and asking questions throughout.  Mr. Frank was more than kind enough to answer.

Excited because he knows this is the first step into getting his new leg.  Free of pain and able to walk on it.  That is the goal.

Doesn't look like much but this is the first step.  This casting mold will turn into a custom liner for him.  After, they'll cast again for the hard socket and form a check socket.  After the check socket is measured and remeasured, they'll get the final piece ready.  And, of course a foot.  He doesn't have to choose a knee type for this side so that's great.  More to come.  Just thought others may want to see the process as well.

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