Friday, September 6, 2013

How are the Teens Doing?

You know, I know I don't talk about them a whole lot.  Most of that is to respect their privacy as they get older and in high school.  However, doesn't hurt every now and again to tell a little of how they are doing.

We'll start with Irina.  She is 20yo now.  This is her last year of high school being homeschooled.  She graduates this year.  She has found a job cleaning houses and enjoys it.  Proud of her for getting out there and doing what she needs to do.  She has been a big help adjusting the two new 'Littles' as well.  Irina is focusing on a job this year and I think that is a great goal for her.  She still takes everyone's glass away though.  Some habits are hard to break.  LOL.

Next is Max.   He is 18yo.  Hard to believe that one.  Max is a junior and was struggling in school earlier this year.  I actually received an email from his teacher earlier today.  Wahoo!!!  We are back on track and getting better.  Relief.  Max is a gifted artist to be sure.  He loves to work hard as well.  One of those people that actually enjoy hard labor.  Was hoping he could work in some construction this summer.  That is not going to happen now w/ his shoulder recover.

Okay, shoulder recovered and he did end up doing odd jobs over the summer.  He also has a piece now that is being entered into a contest.  Art contest.  Not sure where Max is headed job/ school wise.  This is his last year of high school so we'll see.  Keeping options open to be sure.

Yana.  Phew.  Didn't think I'd make it with this one last year!  Being honest.  We had some rough patches but I do whole heartedly believe we are on the right track for sure now.  Yana has joined cross country and is also in ROTC.  She is doing well in school and thinking of colleges.  She is just a junior so has plenty of time.  Just relieved we're seeing a different side of  her.

Bojan.  Bojan as you know is now a double amputee.  Doesn't stop him.  Bojan still has a love for music.  My only one.  He plays trumpet and is in band, joining stage band and trying out for jazz band.  He wants to do marching band next year in high school.  Found out this evening it will be $1,000.  So, may have to get him finding some way to raise that much.   Bojan wants to be homeschooled still.  Thinking about it for him. Told him to give it a month of school first.  Other than that, doing all right. 

Alyona.  Hard to believe she even fits in the teen category.  She is 14yo.  Though 14yo, still much, much younger.  Medically, Alyona is going to have a rough year.  She has scoliosis and a tethered spinal cord.  In addition, she has gotten some fast growing cysts on her wrists.  We go next week to find out more.  Alyona is not really interested in school.  Never has been.  We're focusing more on life skills this year.  I do not know if she'll return to school this year or not.  Time will tell.  She is still very full of life, loves becoming a young lady and is very smittened with a certain young man she met over the summer.  They stay in touch. 

Alex and Logan just became teens so not reporting on them at the moment.  That's a very brief run down. I started this over the summer.  I'm so slow.  Working on finishing posts just sitting around.  This is post #5 tonight.  Getting there.

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