Friday, September 6, 2013

Had to Get Away-- part V (a little more fun & headed home)

Left off w/ some ocean fun.  After we left the ocean, we went back to the playground area/ pool.

Nik and Summer pushing their sisters.  They think it's cool.  I'm just happy for the help.

My kids LOVE the jump pillow.  Summer could jump for hours.

Summer getting a little help from Daddy on the monkey bars.

Came back for an afternoon snack.  Grapes and chips.

It is a miracle we can even eat when we go rv'ing.  See, we used to have a big portable grill.  Could cook all our food at once & didn't take up much space. LOVED it!  After years of having it (got it before we had the RV), it had to go.  So, this micro grill was the replacement.  We have to eat in shifts which isn't always easy but we make it work.  Made burgers, mac & cheese and back beans.  Hit the spot after a long day in the water.  

Now, we are pretty lax when we go camping on things.  My kids know the rules.  Respect others property, help where needed and be polite.  Other than that, pretty much let them have free range of the campgrounds. They usually all find friends.  Rules though are 1) always have to have a sib w/ you and 2) always report back for lunch & dinner at time given.  6:30 was dinner.  Everyone knew this.  Alex and Logan came back late first.  Then, Yana and Reni shuffled in around 7:30.  Sorry, but rules are rules.  I guarantee you, they will NEVER be late again.  This was the first time it happened but they knew the rules.  I said you want freedom and all we require is 2 check ins the entire day.  Oh, and have to be back by 10pm b/c typically that's a campground rule, not a family one.  People ask us how we can take 12 kids with us on a trip.  This is how.  Must have rules yet have flexibility as well to allow them freedom and independence.

Nik in the sand box.  Playing in the playground at night.  Very cool.

Alyona and Irina.  Sisters for life.  After this, we went to the other side of the campground where they were making s'mores.  Very cool to do.  Nik rode the ripstick the whole time.  And, we've never been more happy to have taken the strollers w/ us.  LOL.

Time to tear down camp.

Nik w/ of course....Naked Ken.

Breakfast was done and stuff was getting together.  I will give my kids this, they know how to pack.

Pow wow of the minds about I don't know what.

I'm guessing Yana thinks she's supervising here b/c there is no way she's touching the hoses.  LOL.  Max and Logan typically will tear down all electrical and septic.  Not the most glamorous job but someone has to do it.

The young girls like to color.  I hang their artwork on the wall and they like that.  Summer's is in the middle.  She's getting much better at coloring in the lines.  

Packed up and headed home.  It's a four hour drive so not bad.  Unless, the a/c goes out!  That is correct.  We sat in a hot tin box the whole way home.  Both air conditioners are indeed shot.  they will need to be replaced.  At least before the big Bulgarian Reunion vacation.  New A/C units are around $1500...a piece!  We have 2 of them.  The RV is from 1995.  So, must be done.  We're also going to be doing some minor work on the inside to make it ours so to speak.  Painting the entire interior, painting cabinets, spray painting all brass hardware, replacing flooring and other little things.  All this can be done for under $100.  So nothing compared to our A/C.  Fortunately, nothing else went out on that trip so we consider ourselves lucky.  Anyone w/ advice on RV A/C units or where to get them at a great price, please do let us know over the next couple of months.  Can not do it now but have to next spring.  Our next trip is slated for end of October but will be cooler then.  And that trip is pending Alyona's surgery status.  

Great trip and all want to go back.  Hope to get back there one day.  Enjoy your evening.  More to come on how school is going and a few other items around here.

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