Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Had to get Away-- part IV (more water fun)

So, next day was more of the same.  Relaxing, hanging out, playing, walking on the beach, playing on the playground, having no schedule, etc.  Just gorgeous weather and kids were pleasant for the most part.  Made it nice. 

Nik and Summer thoroughly enjoying themselves jumping waves.

Waiting to see some good ones coming in.

And yes, even Little One decided to get in on the action.  I know she's in a swim diaper but the one piece bathing suit was filthy.  She covered it in chocolate.  It was white on top.  Why I let her eat cupcakes in her bathing suit, I'll never know.   She's been great about being potty trained during the day but not risking it on a vacation.  LOL. 

Wipeout!  And she could careless.  

Undertoe really was rough and so were the waters.  There was a HUGE drop off right where that back wave was breaking.  Crazy.  

I taught them to stand sideways when teh waves break and you're more steady on your feet that way.  They kept doing it that way and then started to hold hands.

Though Logan spent most his time on the basketball courts, sometimes you could find him on the ripstick all around the campgrounds.  We come back for lunch and snack times.  Other than that, mostly in water of some sorts.  Don't have many of the pool b/c we were really just enjoying ourselves.  More to come and final post on the trip.

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