Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Had to Get Away part III (time to rest & wake up)

Need to finish the vacation posts. 

After all the beach activity and swimming, it was time to sleep.  Summer, Little One and House guest went to bed.  Well, after fighting over where the feet were going to be.  Remember, 3 of them now share the dinette to sleep.  We most definitely need a different set up soon.  But for now, it works.  

And this is why we're tearing out all the carpet in the RV soon.  Too many spills off the kitchen counter leading to the door outside.  This was Sunny D.

Breakfast time.  Oranges and oatmeal.  Oh, and whoppers malt balls.  Hey, live a little, you're camping!  Notice Reni on the ripstick in the background?  And Summer, well, she just fell asleep in her clothes the night before.  Great thing is, when camping, not a soul cares. 

Bojan sorting all the shells he found.

Yana with some basketballs.  Though, I think she was trying soccer out instead.  LOL.

Young kids and I took a fun ride train.  There is a VERY cute pic of Nik, Little One and Summer just really enjoying themselves.  Few short weeks, I will show you.  For now, here is Ms. Summer w/ the slight ocean breeze.  

While on the train, we tour the campground.  Don't you just love the pirate ship playground?!  

yep, I'm in trouble in a few years.  Already rummaging through her sisters' undergarments.

Swim break for Angry Birds.  He's obsessed.  He's asked me for Angry Bird pajamas.

Alex, taking a break from basketball and swimming to come in and watch a movie for a bit.  We leave the RV open so they can come and go as they please during the day.   More pics to come.

I have a bunch going on this evening.  Alyona is sick tonight.  Fever broke but was 101 when we gave her some meds.  Complained of a severe headache.  Hoping jsut a quick bug.  Poor kid.  This past week her back pain has gotten progressively worse and she seems to have slowed down a bit more.  Not sure what all is tethered cord or scoliosis related or what is other.  Just want her better is all.  She's not herself.  Summer went to her first day of Kindergarten with half the class.  First full day is September 9th.  She's growing up too fast.  She had a good time even though she cant' tell me what happened.  Her brain disorder as she ages becomes more and more prevalent.  You must appreciate the little accomplishments that much more.  Anyhow, need to get some more done and then finish this post about the beach. 

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  1. Oh my goodness that picture of Summer is a riot! You are in trouble with all those older sisters. She's going to be hankering for a bikini suit so she can use the top to be one of the "big girls" before you know it!

    I can't get over how much older both she and Alyona are looking suddenly!

    And I look forward to when we can meet your new additions when things get finalized! Glad God knows their names since I'm praying with the nicknames for now!