Monday, September 2, 2013

Had to get away -- part II (tot he beach!)

After setting up camp, time to head to check out the campgrounds and the beach.

Bojan can not wait to be on two legs again.  He took it all in stride though.  Pool was a better place for him than the beach.

Nik LOVES the beach as you can see.

Some of the kids headed out to the water.

Alyona really loving the beach.  She truly needed this break.  She had a great time.  One of the other kids informed me she was crying sometimes b/c of her back.  It's hurting more and more everyday.  I give her motrin at times but doesn't really touch it.  Alyona wants surgery now. That says a lot right there b/c she is terrified of surgeries due to the botched surgery job she had years ago.  So, Alyona enjoyed herself despite the pain.  She is one of the reasons we needed to go here.

Just beautiful out while we were there.

Nik, really and truly loved the beach.  Wished it wasn't so rough out.

Alyona once again with a smile.

Summer, not really liking the sun.

Summer rinsing off some of the sand.

We decided to go to the giant pool.  Great decision.  One of Summer's arm bands busted.  She didn't mind though.

Summer, truly enjoying herself.  She could swim for hours.

Bojan, learning how it feels with part of the other leg gone.  Remember, you must adapt.  There's no foot to kick w/ any more.  He said it feels a bit weird.  But, can swim just fine.  No worries.  He was more worried about getting the site wet.

Reni and I hanging out for a bit.  Not long though.  These kids were everywhere and off on their own most the time.

This was the hot tub part of the pool. Alyona and House guest absolutely loved this.

Nik went down the waterslide literally for hours.

Grill meister Max was frustrated with the grill t hat wouldn't light too well due to wind.  What is bad is this tiny thing we have for a grill.  Not conducive to cooking for a large family.  We used to have a large portable grill that we loved.  We really want one of those back again b/c you can not cook for everyone at once on here.  And, we always like eating together.  But, Max makes it work.

Nik loved riding the ripstick all over the campgrounds.  It's a flat surface and we don't have that here at home.  He rode all over the place.  Logan and Alex pretty much stayed at the basketball hoops.  My kids know they must check in at lunch time and dinner time.  We eat meals together.  Rest of the time, they're free to roam.  Though, they can't go it alone.  And typically, we'll see them more throughout the day than just those two times.  Anyhow, more to come on our trip. 

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