Monday, September 2, 2013

Had to get away-- part I (getting there)

The last week with our family was filled with many, many changes.  Some you all know about and some  you don't yet.  With everything going on, we needed to get away if even only for a short time.  Emotionally, we have been through quite a bit lately and just needed a change of scenery if nothing else.  Back in December, I had reserved a camp ground at Cape Hatteras.  Right on the beach!  Well, this past month we were going to cancel b/c frankly, we just didn't have the money to go.  Being honest here.  Medical expenses we know are about to take a turn and we need to be prepared for that as well so thought it best to cancel.  Long story short, I never cancelled.  And, last week I decided we needed to throw caution to the wind and just go.  Money or no money, make it work and just go.  We never do this.  You all know I'm a bit cheap frugal.  Have to be with this many.  But, after some encouragement from some friends and one who really made me think twice while helping me fix an RV cushion, we decided to just do it.  Told the kids we're going to the beach.  All of us Mom?  yes.  All of us.  Packing for 14 to go the beach for a few days.  42 towels doesn't seem like many till you try to shove them all in an RV closet.  Wanted everyone to have 2 beach towels each and one bath towel.  My kids are great at packing.  They really are.  Except, one vital piece which we'll get to later. 

Why not Facetime before you leave for a trip.  The younger three girls loved their Curious George backpacks.  I said they can ONLY take what fits in that back pack. I pack the clothes but toys, only what goes in that pack.  

Little One strapped in and ready to roll.  3 big carseats on an RV couch take up some serious space.  

And of course a trip with us is not complete w/out Naked Ken hanging out somewhere.

Cape Hatteras, here we come!

Remember that vital piece of equipment I said earlier?  Well, this was the look on faces when I said some idiot (yes, used that word!) forgot to pack the stupid cord that runs the A/C!  URGHH!!!  We have 2 different cords.  Warren even asked "is the yellow cord under the RV?"  "YES!"  unanimously was shouted.  Why we took their word for it, I'll never know.  Only one working A/C for that entire RV. And no, it is most definitely not enough to cool the whole thing down.  Trust me. 

Irina, hanging out. Everyone was waiting for instructions.

Getting ready to set up the tent.  Nice big site which was awesome.

Yana brought her ROTC stuff to study. Umm, yeh, this was the only time she studied it.  LOL.

And Naked Ken strikes again!

Promise not all pics are of Nik but as you know, I can not show some pics just due to who is in them at the present time.  This was Nik telling me this was enough sunscreen on.  Ha!  Stay tuned for part II.  Beach time!

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