Friday, September 20, 2013

Dismantled and downsizing

More on happenings around here soon enough.  For now, need to catch up on a few bits here and there.  For quite some time, we had a broken down fridge.  We managed then w/ one fridge b/c just didn't have funds honestly to fix it at the time.  Must remember, we are in process of two adoptions.  Though not international, they still come w/ quite a few costs and we are doing all out of pocket.  In addition, start of school is hundreds of dollars, add in a a few normal living things and well, there you have it.  Survive w/ the one fridge.  That was an awesome idea until BOTH fridges went out and we had no choice.

This was the newer of the two fridges.  We cleaned it out and let it sit empty for some time.

This little piece cost us $234.  For this fridge.  Sad part is, we replaced SAME said piece about a 1.5 years ago!  Yep.  Repairman asked me "do you want to really repair it or just go buy a new fridge?"  Since I was feeling rather sarcastic that day & pretty miffed about replacing a not so old part on a Whirlpool fridge we bought not long ago, I replied with "well, since I don't have an extra two grand on me, I think I'll fix the fridge."  Guy took it in stride.  It was the control panel.  Our second one now.  Fridge originally was on clearance but brand new.  Originally, we paid $1700 a few short years ago.  sorry, but it should last way longer than that.  

So, both fridges got fixed.  Glad they're back online to be sure.  So, are we done w/ appliance trouble?  No.  Not by a long shot.  we've been having washing machine trouble but that's a given w/ the amount of use we put it through.  And, our dishwasher is dying a slow death.  However, this may have just sped it up ten fold:

We were cooking and turn around to see Max dismantling the dishwasher.  URGHH!!!  He put it back together but now it's a bit louder.  We knew what was wrong w/ it before.  Frustrating.  And, as of this evening, now it's not working at all.  But, there are plenty of dishwashers (aka children) in this house very capable.  We'll all take turns & it will just have to be that way for awhile.  No biggie. 

Another thing that's been bothersome lately is going to the grocery store.  I know many consumers may have not noticed but trust me, when you feed more than a few teams, you tend to notice.  LOL.  Packing is changing.  And not for the better.  We make a lot of things homemade.  Icing is one of those.

Here's a prime example of what I'm talking about.  Left side is my old box.  Right side, teh new one.  You can clearly see it's smaller.   But wait!  by how much?

8oz to 4oz.  Yeppers.  By half!  BTW, the price is the SAME!  Pay attention folks, it's happening all around you.  If you take notice, your bread bags are also very much reduced.  I know this b/c I could get a certain # of sandwiches out of one loaf.  So are the cheese slices if I recall.  These little things are adding up.  Think of all the things you buy.  I take notice b/c food is going faster in this home.  Well, part of that is how many teens I have.  But part is due to downsizing of products in the stores.  

Tonight was a lazy night.  We needed that for sure!  Next post will be on the school situations.  Ahh, the joys of public schooling again.  Yeh, not so much.  Tomorrow we wake up and clean & organize.  Many more posts this weekend. In a writing mood. 

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