Saturday, September 14, 2013

Digby and Alaska

I never really talk much about our dogs but you can be certain they are most definitely a part of this bunch.  Digby is getting older.  However, since he was a rescue, no one has a clue as to how old he is.  Digby is our mellow fellow.  People person and just wants to be loved.  Hates going on walks b/c it requires a leash.  He's terrified of a leash b/c last place he was rescued from, kept him on a chain all day long in all the elements and didn't even give him a name.  Never fed him dog food either.  So, the leash has some negative connotations w/ it.  Digby listens well and will stay by your side on a walk.  But, most the time, you can find him laying on the front porch or in his bed.

Digby on his bed.  He really is a great dog.

Alaska.  She's a trip. Alaska loves to run and loves to jump  She's our playful pup.  Wished we had a fenced in yard.  Started to but don't have the money to finish it b/c well, a few adoptions unexpectedly came up.  So, we have posts in our yard.   Seriously, we do.  Alaska is also protective of the family.   We have to introduce her to new people that come over and tell her it's okay.  Once they've been here though, she knows.  But if she does not know you, she will not ever let you in w/out us present, that's for sure.  But, we're appreciative of that.  Alaska is great with children.  Even the little baby I babysit.  He can pull on her lips, hit her, etc. and she won't do a thing.  She's VERY good w/ little kids.  Plus, they start doing that, she'll go hide under the bed.  She also likes sleeping with the kids.  Alaska is most definitely spoiled.

So, that's the dogs.  Now, a few weeks ago I asked what people used on FB and also our vet for serious biting themselves raw.  It was not a flea problem.  Alaska was literally bleeding from it.  Many suggested Advantix and so did our vet.  Worked on both dogs!  They're hair has grown back and they don't itch themselves crazy ever minute.  Just thought I'd pass that on in case you are having the same issues.  Two dogs that are loved to pieces here. 

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