Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dentist Day & more

Today was busy.  I took the Littles to story time at a local church.  They weren't much into the story but definitely into the cookies afterwards.  Hey, I tried.  Went home, served lunch and starting picking up kids from school.  Warren met me at the house and we took 7 of the kids and the one I was babysitting to the dentist.  5 went back and Warren figured he'd leave to gas up the van.  So, I'm sitting just reading, and letting Little One and House guest play.  Little One comes out from behind the play area and lifts up her dress w/ blood dripping everywhere.  Lovely.  Just lovely.  Poor kids in the waiting room must of thought she'd been shot.  LOL.  As you know, she had her tube out yesterday.  Well, apparently she banged it on something.  Blood was much more dramatic a look than what it actually was.  Hole was still closed.  We were told to keep her not that active for three days.  Umm, okay.  Unless I sedate her, that may be humanly impossible.  No worries, it's still closed up.  Just needs more healing time.   I'm guessing tomorrow is going to be a no play day and watch movies type of day. 

Anyhow, only 1 kiddo had a cavity.  That would be Yana.  Dentist said though not her fault.  In Russia,her tooth never formed right.  So, created a hole in the tooth and no enamel.  He's going to fix it.  So 12 kids to the dentist and only 1 small issue.  Not bad.  Little One must stop sucking her finger ASAP.  Crossbite already.  Does not surprise me one bit.  She hopped right up though and did fine.  House guest was quite a bit more traumatized but they'll take it at her pace.  No cavities for either.  Little One was said to have good looking teeth.  House guest they will not rush as to get over her fear and trauma first.  Nice to have specialists that want to work w/ us.  This team has been w/ us since Max and Irina.  After the dentist, quick stop and home and then off to the court house to file some papers. 

Busy day but lots got done.  Another social worker coming to do PPR on Monday.  Final report for Logan, Reni and Summer.  Wahoo!!!  I've been busy for next week trying to sort what's what for Alyona's surgery.  One other thing I need to know from others who may have stayed at Duke Children's Hospital, does the hospital provide food for the person staying w/ patient or no?  Was curious b/c can not purchase food every meal.  And, since I'm going to be there four days, want to make sure I pack accordingly if I need to.  I know when I'd stay at Wakemed, parent w/ child got a meal too.  JUst making sure same protocol.  Those hospital salads/ pizza/ etc. add up otherwise.  Warren is staying home.  I'll be staying with Alyona since last big surgery Warren stayed with Bojan.  We take turns.  Plus, depends upon child request. Though, since Alyona is so mad at me this week, she may just change her mind.  I'm making her do school work and she's just not happy about that.  Well, need to go do some more planning.  Very busy week ahead.  Remember tomorrow folks...Ahoy ye Matey!!  It's Talk Like A  Pirate Day!  If you do that at Krispy Kreme, you get a free donut.  Dress like a pirate, you get a dozen free donuts!  We are highly considering going. 

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