Friday, September 6, 2013

Bojan Update

 Wow, wrote this awhile ago.  Sounds so cold-hearted now.  Trust me, we had all had enough that week.  And indeed, that was the turning point.  Me standing my ground.  Once I did that, amazingly the pain started to go away, he wanted to get up and wanted to do more.  I will have to finish the posts one day about him recovering.  I can tell you it went way up from here though.  

Forgive me for sounding a bit off, but lack of sleep will do that to you. Out of all the surgeries over the years, this has been the toughest recovery.  It's not just hard on Bojan, but the entire family.  I knew it would be tough but this has been hard.  I'm not going to lie b/c others I'm sure have wonder.  This is the attitude we've dealt with for the last week:

This is Bojan.  He's not happy as you can see.  He's been on pain meds for over a week now.  I was hoping to taper them off but that hasn't happened yet.  However, today, he did indeed say he was feeling better.  I even called Shriners, spoke w/ two different nurses and also called our prosthetist.  What Bojan is experiencing is all perfectly normal in the healing process.  The burning he describes, crushing pain, etc. is all part of the phantom pain they told me. 

I do understand he is in pain.  But I also know my kids.  And when I see something, I tell it like it is.  Told him the living room is not his any more.  We are indeed allowed to walk in and out of it.  You can not drink all the water bottles just b/c you can.  You can help in certain instances.  Docs want him moving around not laying still ALL the time in one position.  Hello, told him this already.  He for the first time listened to that advice today from his prosthetist.  Not me.  Of course, a teen listening to their mom would be taboo.  Why do I sound so mean hearted when my child is in pain?  B/c I saw what was really going on and decided it needed to stop.  He was trying to run the household.  You can't do this around me.  You can't do that.  It's too loud.  Etc.   No, there was NO surgery on the ears folks.  Now, yes, the first few days I let the house be quiet as a mouse as best we could b/c I know what it's like after surgery.  But after awhile, we had to live here again.  AND, I gave him the option to stay in Irina's room b/c it's out of the way, quiet, etc.  He didn't like that.  So I knew then this was more wanting to be in charge of a situation.   I know that even more b/c a certain visitor came over and the entire demeanor changed and pain was not even in the cards during that visit.  

So, today, we have all turned a new leaf.  I gave him the option to stay in Irina's room if he wanted.  He refused. Said fine.  However, things will be semi normal again.  

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