Thursday, August 29, 2013

What's Up?

A LOT!  Too much to even write about.  However, wanted to write a brief post here as to why we may be busy the next few days, weeks, months.  Today, we became a family of 14 again.  Yes, house guest is back to stay.  Until things are final with house guest and Little One though, I will not post pictures.  Both are 3yo, and both girls are beautiful.  They keep us on our toes to be sure.  Today's reunion was hard. Trust has to be built up again.  The girls all played all day.  Stuck around the house b/c we need to be sure that we know where home is.  She did not want anyone to put her down.  This will take time and we understand that.  For now though, bonding and taking things one step at a time.  My focus will be on my family.  Blog may be sporadic for a few days till things settle a bit more.  No biggie.  Would like to still try to catch up with other things though.  Yana is on cross country this year.  We plan on going to a few meets.  I have an IEP meeting Friday and Summer's kindergarten assessment.  Also, shopping on Friday morning.  My kids will all have appointments Friday afternoon, ahem.  We are looking forward to our long weekend.  We will be technology free as we always try to do on trips.  Well, to a point. Started this yesterday and never finished.  More to come. 

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