Sunday, August 18, 2013

Too hot to cool down

This is not about the weather.  The other day my mom sent Bojan Sherry's berries.  Yum!  We all dug in as he was kind enough to share.  Well, I told her they came a little mushy and she told them about it.  They sent us the same order again.  Now, being in the business world previously, this is supposed to amend a situation and typically it does.  BTW, I could careless how the strawberries come as long as their fresh.  But, some DO care as they spend money on it.  Well, the second batch came in the mail and I took pictures to send to my mom so she could see how they fixed the problem. 

We got two of these boxes.  The 1 ice pack they put in the box was all mush and not cold at all.

We opened the first box as soon as we got it.  did not let it sit out at all.  This is what it looked like.

Didn't think I was seeing things right so took a different picture.  Nope, it really was this bad.  If I were a girlfriend, I would have been ticked off.  LOL.  My kids asked if someone had eaten them already.  

This was the other box.  Clearly, it was under that single icepack.

Here's a closer look of that second box.  Not as appetizing as it could have been.  In addition, the strawberries were warm.  I told my mom b/c she sends these boxes to other people.  Personally, my kids don't care.  You all know that.  They'd eat the bark off the tree as long as it was covered in chocolate.  Just really was surprised.  Come to find out, they had been on the truck all morning long.  Starting at around 7am till like 6 I think it was that night we got them.  Maybe a little earlier.  Dont' remember exactly.  It's the middle of August.  The trucks come to this neighborhood a few times a day. I would think w/ the writing on the box to keep it cold, it would have been on that first delivery truck, not the last.  But, that is just me.  Truly though, I think it could have been thought out better.

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  1. So your saying that they sent more Strawberries and they came all mushy AGAIN? wow!