Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tired Tuesday

Well, since I totally missed Manic Monday and am beyond way far behind on posts lately, I figured I'd do a little one now and then catch you all up later on what's going on around Chaos Manor.  So, here goes nothing & posts later on Bojan and Alyona's visit to Duke.  Here goes:

  • Alyona went to Duke for scoliosis appointment
  • Speech therapist had a spleenectomy (no speech for awhile)
  • Bojan is having a VERY hard time recovering
  • We're all tired of walking on eggshells and feeling frustrated today
  • Monitor on computer is going
  • Kids are swimming today
  • Kids had art class today
  • Kids have friends over today
  • Alyona & Little One have an eye appointment this week
  • Going to courthouse to file papers for Little One tomorrow
  • Got Bojan's wheelchair approved by the school today
  • Working on enrolling 3 new middleschoolers this year in public school
  • Friends coming over this weekend to cookout
  • Warren's parents coming to visit this weekend
  • Reni broke her glasses....again
  • Finally got that family portrait done
  • Making plans for next year's summer vacation 
  • Wanting to travel cross country in the future (like in 2015)
  • Need school supplies
  • Our deal with Staples has changed & can no longer get rewards voucher (bummed!)
  • Still trying to sell things around here
  • Need to list the house
  • Car needs washing
Much, much more going on to be sure.  Will have separate posts.   Crazy, crazy few days.  I"m sure most of you can understand that.  More to come.

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