Saturday, August 10, 2013

The good about being post op

The good for Bojan has been receiving get well cards and some goodies to keep his mind off the pain.  Was wonderful for him to get some things before the surgery.  A dear friend gave him a Dr. Who dvd set (swear if we see one more of those I'll scream!) and brain teaser book.  Both have kept him entertained for sure.  He's saving the magic kit for now.  part of that is being in so much pain, you really couldn't concentrate or figure out directions for that matter.  Now, he's up to everything again. 

Bojan has really enjoyed receiving cards, many from folks he hasn't seen in awhile.  Some from relatives and some from people he's never met!  Been awesome.  He also received some goodies from my parents the other day. 

My kids recognize this box.  

It's Sherry's Berries!  Delicious strawberries covered in chocolate.

Bojan reading the card as Alyona looks on to see what it says.

Usually the berries do not look this way when they arrive.  My mom was not too pleased b/c she orders these all the time for other people as well.  Put it this way, ice packs were not all that icy this go around.  She told the company and guess what?!  More berries on the way this Tuesday!  We were SO excited.  As you know, my kids could careless what these things look like.  They are just as tasty.  Smooshy and all.  However, my mom thought they should know the quality they arrive in.  Hey, we are definitely not complaining about that one.  We too have used Sherry's Berries and have had no trouble ever.  Just thought it's important for others to know a company is good to their word and does the right thing.  

Much, much going on right now.  Trying to catch up on some old posts.  Had some friends come over today and Max is staying the night at a friend's.   Tomorrow, Warren's parents are coming to visit Bojan.  More posts to come this weekend for sure.  Trying to finish some and start some new ones.

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