Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer fun, sleepovers and swatting

Someone asked how we were going to get everyone everywhere w/ them going to school.  Mine have always taken the bus.  The schools are not far from us at all.  And, I usually know the drivers.  Registered all the kids for school.  Tomorrow is orientation.  Anyone else across America think that the counties could do a much better job organizing these things?  I mean I have orientations for a kids in different schools.  Many parents have kids in elementary, middle and high school.  One parent even said their school had the elementary & middle school doing it at the same time.  Trouble is, they share ONE parking lot.  Truly a little more planning is all that takes.  Elementary one day, middle another, high school another.  Not that hard.  This has always been a thorn in my side b/c middle schoolers aren't allowed to get schedules if they don't come to orientation.  Ridiculous!  Instead, they have to wait in the library most the day the first day of school.  Well, the other year I could not make 2 orientations at the exact same time and so Bojan sat in the library most the day.  Got to love it.  These are the folks teaching our children.  And they get mad if the kids aren't organized!  Pet peeve rant over.  LOL.  Time for a few pics.

Reni, enjoying some time with friends for a summer swim.

 Alex almost looks young again in this picture.  He's growing up so fast lately.

Friends over for a summer swim and lunch together.  Just was nice to hang out and enjoy some last days of summer.  Some of the kids were in the house at the time.  It's great b/c some will swim, some play video games, some watch movies, some play pool.  So even though there may be 25 of them here, doesn't seem like it.  Well, noise level you can surely tell.

Hey, if he's going to be stuck in the wheelchair for a bit, he might as well do something w/ his time.  So, he grabbed the swatter.  He wondered why I wasn't happy about him zapping bugs in my kitchen while I was getting ready to cook.  My kids love the zapper but leave the stupid dead bugs laying around.  

Now, we have extra mattresses for when friends come over.  However, the other night, the girls and their friend decided they'd rather sleep on the floor.  Well, Little One was mad so she moved her mattress right smack dab in the middle of them!  I have a great picture of all of them in a row.  They really had a good time together.  Next house, girls' wing will be opposite of master bedroom.  Way on other side of the house.  Yep, learn from your mistakes.  LOL.

Summer and Reni getting ready.

Yes, I do believe Summer is ready to go to sleep, don't you? 

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