Monday, August 19, 2013

Max's dream bus

Trying to go through some old posts I've started.  Now, I know I showed this before but dont' think I ever showed the finished product.  Do you think a company will commission to make a bus for us that Max dreams up?  LOL.  Yeh, that would be one dream bus. 

This is what Max wants to travel in.  Don't we all!  Travel in style.

He even numbered our bus.

Must say, I like this door better than the one we have now.

And what custom bus would be complete w/out its own trailer.  AS if the bus wasn't big enough to haul stuff.  LOL.  He did all this w/ a pencil and a straight edge.  I like it.  I know we'll never have a bus like this but nice to know we can all still dream.

Now, to tell  you just how much I've been avoiding the mounds of paper work I still have awaiting me tonight, I went earlier to the RV, Max cranked it up w/ the A/C and I started painting the bathroom.  Since we must keep C-MOW for years and years, we decided to give it our own style inside.  So, all cabinetry will be painted polar white.  The walls will be one of those light, light turquoise colors.  A very beachy feel and make it feel a little lighter and bigger inside.  Cushions for the dinette must be ordered.  For those wondering, we decided to wash them.  BIG mistake and must order new ones completely.  Reupolstering them is more expensive.  New ones which will be $200.  NOT expecting that but it happens.  And frankly, the age of the RV, it needs new ones anyhow.  So looking on the bright side of things.  We're also in the spring going to rip up the bed and install more bench seats w/ seatbelts.  That is a HUGE project and undertaking so it will wait till spring.  LOL.  The flooring will also be ripped out and replaced.  The flooring will only be about $40 to $60 to replace at best.  Carpet and 13 people is just a dumb idea for anyone.  Especially when you have a muddy campground.  So, slowly redoing it to make it our very own.  Feel free to help if you're bored.  Our dream is to paint the thing but I can only imagine that costs.  It may have to be hideous for awhile.  I'll have to do before and after pics of the inside for sure.  And our little dinnette cushion fiasco.  Truly, we were just trying to clean it.  Go figure.  Anyhow, making C-MOW our very own for years to come.  Have tons of ideas and have a color scheme I want.  The light blue beachy color, polar white cabinets, brush nickel knobs/ etc.(hey, paint can of that is $5!), and red accents here and there.  Going to be fun and I think we'll have an awesome time.  My brother bought us one of those maps that shows what states you've been to.  Time to put that up and enjoy.  Little One went in the bus today and was jumping up and down. Totally excited b/c she thought we were going on another trip.  Hey, at least they like to travel together and enjoy it.  In addition, they are VERY good at thoroughly cleaning before and after we go on a trip and also w/ up keep on it.  I think it was one of our smarter purchases in retrospect even if we originally planned to buy it and see if we liked it.  We don't like it, we love it!  Wait till you hear all the places C-MOW is in the planning stages of going to.  October will entail a trip to meet friends and back again in WVA.  It will also entail a trip to Asheboro, NC for a very cool Halloween campground celebration.  Can not wait.  We were supposed to go to the outerbanks on Labor Day Weekend but not sure it's going to happen.  Campground is reserved but let's face it, it's a tight month w/ school and everything else medically going on.  Lots of copays add up.  We are trying to work it out to be able to go.  RV has half a tank full of gas.  Make a decision soon.  Anyhow, need to go to bed here.

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