Monday, August 19, 2013

Manic Monday

Oh wow oh wow.  This has been a day to remember.  Beyond a ton going on.  I'll have to do a quick manic Monday post and get back to work.  Here goes:

  • Yana, Alex, Nik and Reni went to a rodeo this past weekend.  Loved it.
  • All kids went to VBS and loved it.  
  • Exploring new church options for our family
  • Advantix finally worked for Alaska & Digby's itching
  • Van needed a patch
  • Alyona had her MRI on Friday
  • Duke called me this morning (more info forthcoming in separate post..intense)
  • Scoliosis is taking a back seat 
  • Speech therapist is back this week
  • Some exciting news I can not share quite yet
  • Still waiting on Little One's finalization papers...very soon!
  • Need to get Little One weighed in this week
  • G-tube coming out soon
  • Bojan is tired of the wheelchair
  • Bojan goes to Shriner's this Friday
  • Art class on Tuesday
  • FASD Support group on Tuesday
  • Rescheduled Irina's doc appt.
  • Alyona needs new glasses
  • Filled out insurance papers 
  • Need to go to bank
  • Need to write a few thank yous
  • Bought school supplies partially
  • Fridge still broken b/c other things keep breaking that take first dibs
  • Supposed to go to Cape Hatteras but may have to cancel trip
  • Having beef and broccoli stir fry this evening
  • Filling out enrollment forms non-stop
  • So far behind on just about everything.  LOL
Much, much more going on.  Honest to goodness, these next three weeks may be some kind of hectic trying to get everyone back on par w/ school.  We are still questioning homeschooling some at this time.  Just b/c my dedication and time will need to be spent elsewhere.  There are many exciting things in the works.  Trip to WVA, trip to Asheboro for camping, Camp Woodbine for deaf/ HOH for the day, rodeos, Cape Hatteras, and way too many other things to name.  I'm planning for it all and well, that takes time.  Worth it though for sure.  Alright, time to get dinner going.  More on the MRI results next post this evening.

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