Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Logan!!

Today, Logan turned 13yo.  Yes, we indeed have another teenager at Chaos Manor.  I swear I may never get rid of the smell of Axe in this house.  Masks that funky teen boy smell that seems to accompany them at a certain age.  Logan is about to start middle school.  Truly, don't know how it is going to go.  I have high hopes but also grave concerns.  He has been homeschooled this past year and I've gotten him reading in English and other things.  However, he lags behind greatly.  Being honest.  And though I think some of it is due to being in the country for not even two years yet, but some of it is just being lazy.  And yes, some of this is indeed the age.  Remember, I have 3 boys who are older than Logan.  Logan is at that tricky age of wanting to be a boy and wanting to be a man at the same time.  I still see the little boy in him and though I try not to see it, I see the young man in him coming out as well.  And as a parent, you worry.  I hope he makes the right choices in life and hope he leads a happy life.  I know thirteen is an exciting year.  Becoming a teenager.  I want his year to be filled with joy, hope and love.  I want him to experience all life has to offer him.  Try new things, explore new information and studies, and most of all, enjoy the first year of being a teenager. And please son, try to do it without any drama.  Though my boys are not all that happy with us at this age, maybe they'll understand later in life, it was us trying to mold them into decent, respecting, well-rounded human beings.  So, let the teenage years begin Logan!

Happy Birthday Logan!  May the teen years treat you right and may you flourish into an honest young man.  And stay away from the girls for awhile!

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