Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Big decisions

Ever since yesterday's phone call, it has been a flurry of activity.  We also received an email that could be life changing however, I can not elaborate at all for now so that will have to wait.  In light of many events of the last hours, we have made the decision to now let all the kids but Alyona go to public school.  Now, school starts on Monday so when I say this has been a mad rush day, I'm not exaggerating.  I'm physically and mentally exhausted.  But, it must be done.  I need some time to dedicate to the younger kids and Alyona's recovery from what will be two very invasive surgeries.  So, today, I made the phone calls.  Gathered all the shot records, finished filling out homeschool stuff, and filled out enrollment forms.  Made a health assessment appt. for Summer on Sept. 4th.  Have already spoken to the ESL teacher for Reni.  Already got our private speech therapist and school speech therapist on the same page.  Talked w/ many previous teachers.  It's hard to go back given the reason we originally left in the first place.  But, they were all kind and we all talked.  So, we're good.  Today I turned in Summer's kindergarten registration packet.  Yikes!  Hard to believe.  Tomorrow, I will enroll Nik, Reni, Alex, and Logan officially.  Old IEP's have been pulled already and folks at the middle school have been spoken to.  I think we may all be on the same page.  Now, I must fix Max's mess w/ the IEP and them wanting him to repeat 3 years of math due to this stupid core curriculum.  Partial school shopping has been done thanks to a very generous friend who gave us a gift card to Walmart.  We were able to get a few items.  Still have a ton to go but we all have to start somewhere.  Only missing a back pack for Bojan.  His was totally worn out and had to be thrown out.  Everyone else though has one.  However, I'm also not spending a pile on a back pack.  So, if you see one on sale or find one of the large ones in great shape, please let me know about it as I may be interested. 

Tonight, we're having pork chops on the grill, homemade mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, bread for dinner.  We had art class today and I know Nik will surely miss that.  I will miss them during the day.  Though Sofie, Alyona and Cole (little boy I'll be babysitting) & I will be having lunch with them some days, I'm sure of it.  Plus, we'll have story time, art still, and a few other activities.  This new school year will bring many changes to us. 

I have yet to think of first day of school clothes for the little kids.  Nor have I gotten Bojan a book bag yet.  That will have to come in time.  We've been stretched this week as far as time goes but taking it in stride.  After this initial week is over, the pace should slow down and we can catch up a bit better.  We're planning trips still this fall and will cross the bridge when we get to it of whether or not we can go depending upon surgical needs and recoveries.  There's lots locally though that we are doing as well.  Kids will be back in sports in winter time w/ basketball possibly.  They took a break from soccer this year which was good for them.  Full force they'll be back in it in spring.  Not sure if boys will do football this year or not.  Up to them.  Yana wants to do cross country this fall and is going to be in ROTC.  Bojan still in band and enjoying it.  Max is still doing art work.  Irina is working and well, life is moving forward.  Tends to do that you know.  LOL.  Well, more tomorrow.  Have more papers to fill out and need to read Summer and Little One their nightly books.  A very late night dinner.  We had company over during lunch and enjoyed some fellowship with friends.  Just was nice and relaxing amongst all the chaos.  More to come but like I said, story time awaits so must go.  Hope everyone is enjoying their week. 

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  1. All kids will be in school?? How will that work with pick up/drops off?