Friday, August 2, 2013

An occupied mind

With his surgery pending, Bojan got a package in the mail.  It was from a dear friend of ours in NJ. 

Bojan was surprised to see a package for him when it wasn't his birthday.

Alyona had to stop and see what was happening as well as Logan.  Not sure what the look on his face was.

Totally upset I didn't catch the initial reaction of Bojan.  He was ecstatic!  For those that don't know, Bojan is a huge Dr. Who fan.  This was a 26 disc set.  Enough to keep him busy for after surgery.  And yes, he's already watched a few.

Bojan got another package from the same family.  He was ready to see what was inside.

A brain teaser book!  VERY cool and he worked on this on his trip to Shriners.  He also received a magic kit which is right up his alley as well.  Bojan truly loved each thoughtful gift.  Best part is that this has occupied his mind and help with healing.  Getting your mind off the pain does help a bit.  

During this time, we have had many thoughtful friends come help us out.  My cousin Allison's husband brought us plywood to help build the ramp for his wheelchair.  My friend Rebecca and her daughter stayed w/ us when Bojan and Warren left to help me deal with the emotions of the kids left here.  Traumatized children take things differently than neurotypical kids would.  Another friend Jennifer came over one morning and we all cooked breakfast together.  That was so much fun.  Another friend Dale delivered pizza to us one evening.  Yet another anonymous family donated an entire dinner not only for our family, but the other two families and kids visiting that evening.  Then, we all swam in the pool that night.  It was an awesome time of fellowship together.  And today, 3 friends of mine, Jennifer, Janet and Kathy took 7 of my kids to the lake w/ their kids so Warren & I could help Bojan and get paper work done.  We truly have been blessed this week by such giving and loving people.  They have made such a difference in our lives during a difficult time.  Can not thank them enough for caring so much and taking time out of their lives to be with us and the kids.  Meant a lot to us. 

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  1. Thank goodness for friends.