Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A finished piece

As some are aware, art class is held at our home on Tuesday mornings.  A local artist comes over to teach homeschoolers & public school kids during the summer.  This past week, they completed one of their works.  Great the variety.  Wished I had a better picture but gives you an idea.  They are working on their second work of art now.  Nik LOVES to paint.  Reni, not so much.  But, she's enjoying the friendships so she's not complaining too much.  Here is a few of the kids with their art:

Most the kids you can not see but you get the idea.  It's awesome to see how everyone did the same piece of art but they are all so very different.  Love it!  Reni really loved birds in hers.  Nik and Logan are up at the top but can't really see them too well.  Can't wait to see the next work of art.  If any locals are interested in the class, do let me know.   Great opportunity.

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