Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A clean mess!

Well, I don't know why on earth I put myself through these things any more.  Really.  Why do I even look at Pinterest.  When it says easy, truly, we should be the first testers to see if it actually is easy.  The other day I saw something that really couldn't be any easier to do.  And, only 1 ingredient and we had it in the house already.  Win-win, right?  Ha!  Started with this:

A simple clean bar of Ivory soap.  Seen as harmless, clean, innocent.  You just wait.

So, easy experiment.  Just stick it in the microwave and wait.

Quite a few were interested.

 Notice how nice and fluffy it is?!

And this was what it looked like.  Not quite like that fluffy cloud on Pinterest though.

Better view.  It was supposed to be huge and fluffy.  It was soft, was kind of cool.  Now, they said this would be not so messy.  It's harder to get soap off the microwave than you think.  In addition, supposedly harmless.  Yeh, no.  Little One for some reason managed to get it in her eyes.  She complained the entire night.  There was soap crumbles everywhere.  Supposedly you were supposed to be able to mush it back together and be able to use the soap again.  Umm, no.  Definitely another Pinterest fail.  Got to love it.  But, we'll keep trying.  Failing is fun at times.  Hey, it's entertainment.


  1. it worked better for us after I cut the soap into smaller pieces.... I think I cut it into 6ths.

  2. You can crumble it up and use it to make home made laundry soap.